• Your body needs vitamins that you receive from food in order for it to work properly and give you the energy you need. The same applies to your brain. if you are neglecting your body, certain systems will fail, just like if you neglect to take care of one thing on your car, it affects other parts of the car.
  • Food is to your body like gasoline is to a car.
  • Slow thinking, low and distorted self esteem, and obsessive thoughts about food.
  • but emotionally it kills you. ive been dealing with mine in and out of hospital 4 years. it's a VICIOUS cycle. its hard to break. whenever i am where i need to be physically, i get discharged, and feel disgusting so i lose the weight again. and end up back in the hospital ETC. i think about how i look all the time, whether it's how im sitting, in class, at home, walking, EATING, i constantly compare myself to everyone... even my teachers. it kills your family, and your friends, it may isolate you, it uld LITTERALY kill you.. 1 in 5 people with an eating disorder will die i hate it. and although it may keep me slimmer, i'd rather be fat than have to think about this crap all day... ironic right
  • It's the mental issues that cause the eating disorder...
  • If a person is not affected mentally, then he might not have eating disorder, If a person have some sort of carelessness, unawareness about health & eating, it is another issue. But anorexia is serious mental problem. Informational article on Anorexia:
  • It can ruin your ability to reason and think logically and it makes you see lies. An anorexic can look in the mirror and instead of seeing a concentration camp skeleton they see obesity. It can make the eating disorder kill the person.

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