• Yes they do, even in pretty warm weather. We used to have one in CA where it would get in the 90s inside and butter would just slump and melt at room temp. AND absorb all those weird smells while getting warm. But when we used a butter bell, the cold water keep the butter safe from absorbing odors and the butter is insulated from the heat outside. It stays at a nice spreadable state. You do have to change the water every few days but it's easy enough to do. The butter really keeps very well and you don't tear your toast with cold butter:-)
  • 8-3-2017 A butter bell is any container, such as a bottle, turned upside down in a dish of water. The best thing about a butter bell is that it seals out air so the butter doesn't absorb oxygen and turn rancid. The weather has to be cool enough that evaporation cools the butter below its melting point. If it is warm enough to be uncomfortable, you will find that your butter has fallen into the water, which is not nice. But if butter tends to mold because you don't use it fast enough, you can get the same effect by putting it in a jelly jar with tight lid and put it in the fridge like everybody else.

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