• The average home is about 2300 sq it all depends on the shape and how many/what size containers.
  • you could have a very odd shaped rectanlgle, 2' by 1 miles or something about the size of a football field.
  • I'm going to answer your question with questions. What are the actual dimensions of the lot? How many cans do you want to park there? Just cans, or on chasis? One truck, right? If the lot or building is something like 120 by 100, and you simply want to park a tractor-trailer there (one trailer with can), you'll have plenty of room. Allowing 12 feet for the width of the truck, up to 20 (or more) for the length, plus 48 for the trailer (I assume), you're only using an area of around 12X68 or 816 sq feet. If you're planning on parking more trucks or storing more containers, make sure to account for room to move around the lot or building. You can draw the dimensions out on graph paper, using each square as a square foot, and move paper representations of trucks and trailers/cans around on it to get an idea of the space's maximum potential.
  • Well it should be big enough, unless it is too narrow and just a long path. Is the ground level or steep? Slopes make it harder to park or stack containers. If it is 120 feet by 100 feet, then it should be good for several trucks, trailers, & containers.
  • You will need a ceiling clearance of at least 14 feet. Not too many houses have that!

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