• shout at the devil by motley crue mother by danzig heart shaped box by nirvana crazy on you by heart (minus the acoutic intro) possum kingdom by the toadies =-(
  • Red Lottery, some of Thunderhorse, Shard Dressed Man, there are quite a few actually. What about you?
  • I can play lots of things. Don't know what is on Guitar hero? My kids play that. I can play. Flight of the Bumblebee. More than words Red Barchetta your move Dee Yngwie Malmsteen stairway to heaven metallica Lots of stuff...
  • heart shaped box by nirvana......not much more on there but if you include guitar hero 3, i can play One by metallica, some of Raining Blood by slayer so much more though. but mostly I write more of my own songs.

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