• There is a temperature-related fault in the circuit somewhere, but it sounds like the television is fine once it has warmed up sufficiently. You should get this repaired if the television is still under warranty. Otherwise, it is probably best if you live with the problem. It may not get any worse, but if it does you should have the television serviced.
    • Roaring
      Yes temperature related
  • I assume this is an older tube television. There are three electron guns that scan together across the screen, mixing the three colors to give you any color And black and white. when one or more guns short out, the mixture of the three can no longer give you the proper hue or contrast. There is a device (which I've used in tv repair that sends a short term high current to the bad gun to burn out the short(flaking metal) that is causing the short so it can function and respond to the signal variations again. (Probably more of a answer than you were looking for)

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