• I would have mine like a tropical resort. I would have palm trees and tropical plants. Some nice furniture that matches with the trees along with a patio as well. I would like to have it open minded rather than a closed space.
  • One sector would have a Japanese-style garden, for relaxation, reading and get-away-from-it-all activities. Other a wide space area for outdoor games and sports. Adjacent to that one a Barbecue area and maybe a pool I'm not asking for much am I? :)
  • not much interest here pt wise in my answer so I think it wise to withdraw it. So I did. Thanks anyway.
  • My dream garden will have an English cottage garden in th e front filled with old fashion flowers. The back garden will have a pool, a courtyard and a kitchen. Beyond that I will have a secret garden with all my favorite art pieces and a gazebo over looking a pond. Then I will have a rose garden on the side of my house filled with all kinds of roses set in a formal French setting. And last but not least, way at the back, a wild flower garden bursting to over flowing with all the wild beauty of nature. It will be heaven.
  • *takes a deep breath* In the front of my house, I'd have a wrought iron fence surrounding a front yard with ever blooming rose bushes all along the fence. There would be a brick path to the front door. Going out the back of the house, we'd move into stone walls separating areas... a grassy play area for my daughter where she doesn't have to worry about crashing into the rest of the garden. It would have a swing, and a treehouse, and plenty of extra space. A vegetable garden filled with vegetables for my husband to enjoy, plus a few I like. Beans climbing a trellis, lovely ripe tomatoes and lettuces and spinach and carrots and potatoes. Next would be a greenhouse for my african violets and orchids and the like. After that, a high stone walled garden with a bench and a fountain, fruit trees and flowers set up so there are always some in bloom whenever it's warm enough. Through all this would run a smallish stream, down some banks so even when it floods, it wouldn't overflow into the gardens. It would all back onto some woods which I would also own. Oh, and I think I'd need a gardener or two. ;-)
  • I'm working on it. Got the trees, vegetable garden, need more herbs and a medium pond from street run off. Would like to balance the water in the pond so fish could survive. Wish my climbing roses were bigger. And I could use more bulb flowers!
  • i would have a waterfall, many hidden corners, willow trees and magnolia trees, a decent rose section, and somewhere quiet but sunny to sit to read.
  • All types of Violas, a pot of wht. daisies, and outlined in Alyssum. then a long trellise of dark Morning glories, and along the wall a climbing ivy of sorts.
  • Lots and lots of beautiful and multi-coloured flowers :)A bench in the middle of it and a stream running horizontally across :D

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