• You'd better hope he doesn't get a bug up his ass. This could get messy. Without legal documents stating that he gave up his share of custody he could very well try to keep her. And with your history of alcholo abuse he could very well have enough ammo to get the girl taken from you. Never, ever give your child to someone with out going through the courts or you will get screwed. My sister-in-law has full custody of her children and like the idiot she is she sent her son to see his dad with no legal documents in place and across state lines. She did it even though she knew he was moving and had no new address to give her. Now she has no idea where her son's at and the father's threating not to send the boy back. And this isn't the first time I've herd of this happening. Also happened to a friend of my mom's daughter. Sent the boy for a week. Didn't get him back for three months. He came back covered in adult bite marks on his arms and legs and had some horrific stories of how he was punished.
    • Sammy
      Why is your mind in the gulter. Please grow up. There just as much junk about women and boys.
  • I am assumeing your ex-boyfriend is not the father. If this is true then you can get her back whenever you want. However, I implore you to wait until you get yourself together. I am not saying that you shouldn't see your daughter but as long as she is safe where she is the best thing you can do for her is to get yourself well then she can move back in with you. P.S. Congratulations for taking the steps you need to take to get over your addictions. God bless
  • If you have full, LEGAL custody then it shouldn't be a problem. Now, that's only if you have gone to court and obtained a custody order and have a copy of that order to show just in case the authorities need to be involved. If you don't have legal custody, then you'd just better hope that he's willing to give her up when you're ready to take her back...
  • is the x boyfriend the father? in most states the police department wont take a child from one home and give to another with out legal documents. if he is not the father then he has no rights and yes you can go over there and take her anytime you want.
  • Is he her father?
  • You can, but you shouldn't because you are such a drunk that you gave your DAUGHTER to an ex-boyfriend, need I elaborate?
  • Would recommend that you quit alcohol.
  • you might if you prove you stopped drinking

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