• As Auntie Em suggests this can happen from the dog scratching the ear or even from the dog shaking its head hard. Your dog has a Hematoma in the ear flap. Here is a site that explains more about this problem. It matters not that the site is with regards to humans the condition is the same. Generally, treatment for dogs with the condition being on the ear is one of two. Either they suture in "buttons" (little suture tiedowns) or do NOTHING and let the blood drain back into the tissue on its own. Supposedly, doing the buttons will help prevent cauliflower ear (wrinkled ear flap) more important to good looks with a show dog, but I've seen the sewn ones cauliflower too...and it's a bit pricey to have done. It is painful to a point until the swelling goes down, and I tend to side with Auntie Em, I'd use cold compress...alternating with the warm, if you feel you want to heed the Vet's direct advice. Usually this problem heals up well on its NOT put any more punctures into the flap...because it can cause an infection... Also, check with your vet to see that your dog does not have "Hang ear syndrome" caused by itchy ears...usually this is an allergy problem...but it could also be mites. If the Vet says your dog has or likely has allergies...start reading the list of ingredients on your dog food...corn is often to can be dyes and other chemical based ingredients...Some dogs are also allergic to GRASS....we had one that was...and a right pain it was too! Good luck
  • Hematoma. 100% without a doubt. It's basically a busted blood vessel in your dog's ear. It's quite common and not dangerous. It is however uncomfortable for your pet and needs to be drained and have a tube stuck in it by your vet. It's a real quick and simple procedure. They're caused mostly from a dog shaking its head too much/too hard. Make sure he's free of fleas and have his ears checked to find out what's irratating them.
  • Thanks for your answers. YES ITS HEMATOMA. The vet did drain it,and we kept cold compresses on it, but by the next morning it was pretty much filled up. She is scheduled for surgery on friday. She just looks so pitiful. I cant wait til friday. I feel helpless not being able to do anything for her. Thank you all again.
  • I am going through the same thing with my dog and it is horrible!!!She had the suregery then she kept the bandage on for a week and a half then sratched it off. She went back at two weekes the had to re drain it then leave this straw like thing sticking out of her ear with a bandage on it and she had to wear the horrible cone. For the most part my do who is a chow huskey 12 year old does not typically wear a collar so that is torture for her. So after a very long week in which she had this tube sticking out of her ear and a cone on she goes back to the vet. Let me jsut also say that everynight she would wake us up running around the house crashing into things to try to kept this cone off. She appeared to be going nuts. She was moaning and growling and making noises that I have never heard her make. She is the quietest gentlest dog in the world around children with ease is sounding like the exorcist in the middle of the night. She also pooped in the house something she never does and was not eating.So anyways three weeks into this she has now gotten the tube out on Tuesday cone off and she is back to normal. Well tonight I found another lump on her ear just like the first one but smaller. I am freaking out, I don't know if we are going have to go through all this again. She is old and this is alot on her she was so stressed by the cone. I heard about coritizone shots in the ear but Iguess that's when it's not too bad. I love my dog more then anything but I can't afford surgery every week and I don't want to stress her in her older years. She is not going to be able to keep that cone on it just makes her so stressed. I am not sure what to do but I hope that it all works out I hate to think that she is in any pain. I ache for her. If anyone has any advise please let me know thank you.
  • I'm looking after my brother's dog for a couple of days, and her ear is swollen and I'm sure from all I read that she has ear hematoma. She is just laying on the bed, she is not eating, does anyone know if it is because she is in pain, also should I wait till my brother gets her to take her to the vet, or should I be doing that now?

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