• This might seem like a crazy idea ... why don't you ask her? Being a woman myself, I'm always more the glad to share what's going on in my mind. The best way to get an answer is to ask a question.
  • ask her ad get the truth dont waste your time
  • In my opinion the worst thing you can do is get involved romantically with someone who is fresh out of a relationship because there is no way to tell if they are with you cause they want to be or cause as you said they are trying to make the ex jealous or cause they are needy and can't stand not to be in a relationship My advice to you is to be her friend but try not to let it go past that at least not until she has been out of her last relationship at least six months or so I feel that is a reasonable amount of time to have passed for one to decide whether or not they are really ready to be in another relationship or not
  • good grief, this question is nearly 2 years old. my thoughts would be... don't get to involved with her, she probably will make up with her former boyfriend and leave you in the dust!

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