• maybe they were just burnt out i guess. most of the members are now pursuing other projects.
  • it had to do with politics, tom was a very outspoken liberal and wanted to take the music in a more political direction, mark wanted to make more of the same music they've been making all along. i also heard that it may have had to do with the fact of travis's mtv show getting in the way of their friendship.
  • Actually, it had nothing to do with politics. They even explained it in an interview. They broke up in February of 2005 when Tom was given an ultimatum to be with his family and newly-born child or stick with the band. Tom chose to be with his family because he missed the entire pregnancy and the first year of his child's life. In addition, Tom and Mark had some tensions because Mark took it personally when Tom experimented and branched off with his band 'box car racer'. I'm sure you miss Blink-182 just as much as I do but until a reunion tour that may truthfully never come, I guess we'll have to listen to their new bands- Angles & Airwaves and + 44

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