• I don't really ever "hate" being married, but sometimes I am jealous of my single friends who seem to have SOOOOOO much freedom and get to spend their money and time on only themselves, but when they call me sad and lonely it reminds me of how Lucky I really am to have found my other half. P.S. Sorry stableboy there I go again with the long drawn out sentences without all the proper abbreviations and paragraghs :b
  • No because I'm not married.
  • I'm single now but I was with someone for 7 years. In the beginning, it was OK but after a few years, I felt like my true self was being sucked away. It was stressful and difficult living with him. He was depressed a lot, very angry a lot and not very ambitious. I am the complete opposite. After a while, all I could think of was my freedom. I fantasized about leaving, starting over, having my own house, my own set of friends, a new lover. Well, now I do and I am MUCH happier. To answer your question? Yes, I hated my previous situation very much by the end and couldn't wait to escape. NEVER again!
  • I've been married for 5 years now, we lived together for 3 years before we got married so 8 years total. There are times when I truly miss the freedom I had before I got married. Back then I THOUGHT I was Lonely. I was NOT lonely, it was just the idea in my head that I was SUPPOST to get married and live with someone all the time. Marriage SUCKS. It means having someone around you ALL THE TIME and this is what drives me crazy. It's not that I dont love my wife, she is great, but I actually MISS being ALONE!! Being able to do things simply based on what I WANT to do with no one else to consider. This is what I think SUCKS about marriage... It's having a woman AROUND YOU ALL THE TIME!!! Women drive men CRAZY. They annoy the crap out of you. If I were single again, I WOULD NEVER EVER EVER EVER Get married. If you are single... DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! Move to Las Vegas and just be FRIENDS with women and have fun with them. DONT MARRY ONE!!! There, I've said it... Oppss Shes calling for me... Gotta go.
    • officegirl
      Cultural expectations? To bad you could not be friends with your wife.
  • Answer...YES Why?.... The wife.... just kidding lol
  • Since about 11.05 on Tuesday 8 November 1994, it goes without saying that I am really, really benefiting from being 'footloose and fancy free'.
  • look around people...marriage is archaic.and i bet all your wives arent having a ball either.
    • officegirl
      No not "archaic". Actually archaic marriage was different from what we now think of and of course times were different. But I think our cultural expectations as well as our personal insecurities combine to threaten happiness in marriage.
  • Yes I hate being married. I'm not sure if it's just my personality or who I am married to. I am married to someone I should have never married and now he won't leave. I've left but came back like an idiot. I enjoy being free and not explaining anything to anyone. I miss that. I only want someone around when I'm lonely then I want them to go away.
    • officegirl
  • Yes because I use to be able to eat what and when I wanted, sleep when I wanted, watch what I wanted on TV when I wanted, talk on the phone when I wanted, do whatever I wanted when I wanted, being marrried is like being a kid again and having to have permission to do anything from your spouse. Yes sometimes I don't like it.
    • officegirl
      "do whatever I wanted when I wanted" - Goodness how can we get along with others with that attitude? Isn't that the definition of self-centeredness?
  • I have grown up always wanting to get married, but now 3 months in my wife has changed her opinions on partying and what time is bedtime. Every morning I wake fantasizing about being single again. I love my wife very much, but can't shake the idea of always having to answer to someone. There are great things about marriage, but when I was single I NEVER Thought about getting married as much as now (being married) wanting to be single. WHY IS IT SOO HARD? When ever I ask for freedom, time alone or with other friends, it comes off as a threat to our marriage. Not that I won't to gain control over my wife, but I guess I really do. Lord help me!
    • officegirl
      You want to control your wife and she has no life of her own. What is wrong with this picture?
  • i love being married. it feels good being someone else's favorite person all the time. i love that he supports me (as in cheers me on) in anything i try, i love that we listen to each other and defend each other. i love to introduce him as my husband. i love the snuggling on the couch, or having a dance partner at every dance and i love that he makes me laugh!! i love that he thinks i'm beautiful (silly man) and i love that we have a rich shared history. it's a good life, i have no regrets
  • I think I would love being married again, if I found the right guy for me.
  • every day. i hate being married. there is no place for individuality in a marriage. i think being married is depressing. i did leave and was living on my own for 3 years. i was the happiest then. but i had to come back because i have a daughter and she needs me around. which makes me feel trapped. i used to be active, i worked out, jogged, had friends, went out whenever i wanted, did silly things if i wanted, went to movies and didn't mind doing it alone, i was perfectly happy. now i feel whatever i do i need to talk about it.. discuss things. he authomatically thinks that he has to be included in everything i do... there are times i just want to be left alone and do things for me and my happiness. at 39 i am sick of it, we've been married for 16, 17 years and lived separately for 3 years. i don't even sleep in the same room with him anymore... i am only here to get my daughter through her teenage years.
  • I hate being married because I got married at age 19 and now 20 years later, with three teens, all I can think of is when is it MY turn !!!! I miss the lightness, joy and fun freedom of making choices before having to clear it with another moody ass person. I want to be able to lounge around, eat bon bons, get fat and watch tv without being judged or hiding it from my husband. I work full time and make more money than him yet he still wants me to do all the cooking, cleaning and raising of the kids. What do I need him for? <sigh> Oh yeah... I feel old and don;t want to date and don't want to explain to the very large family why we divorced. I mean... he's not abusive just boring. BORING should be a CRIME! lol
  • I've only been married for 2 months and I'm not sure if I'm the marrying kind or not. My husband is sick and he's driving me crazy. Somedays are good somedays are bad - I feel so bad sometimes for feeling this way. Sometimes I wish I was single.
  • Yes, because you can't be yourself, you cant have time to yourself, you can't do anything. You have to sacrifice everything and live your life according to one person and your kids if you have any. And if you try to get out of line or do something for yourself, you are just labeled selfish and immature. Fuck marriage.
  • when its bad it sucks big time and when its good its heavenly. I love my man to pieces and you know what they say: love bears all things...
  • The reason why divorce is so high is because of dumb-ass people like the majority that have answered here, who could stick it out when it was just nights of dating, but once it became difficult want to bolt. Marriage was once a beautiful thing, until people got too lazy, and complained about every little thing, not fighting to make it work.
  • Yes,Yes,Yes!!! I think about divorce everyday. We never have sex we argue all the time and I am not physically attracted to him at all. I miss being single,if I could afford to take care of my 3 kids without him, I would leave right away. I feel as if he is sucking the life out of me. He is a very moody and depressing person, he yells all the time and he is driving me insane.He never wants to do anything except watch tv. He bowls one night a week with his brothers and I wish he would leave every night of the week. The house is so nice and quiet when he is gone. The kids and I have a nice light hearted evening with no arguing.I hate being married.
  • It's been very difficult at times. That said, being married isn't a requirement in a long term relationship. While some things change it's just paperwork for the most part. If I were to eventually divorce I think i might get involved in a long term relationship but I know I wouldn't feel compelled to rush to the alter. I wonder if getting married and having the ring is just a status symbol sometimes that when acheived, falls by the wayside and attention is diverted elsewhere. i wonder if NOT getting married compels one to be more attentive. That said, I think it's important to spend time together but also give eachother time and space to be themselves and do what we might enjoy but our partners do not.
  • I find these answers so depressing...
  • Fortunately not! I've no reason to hate this beautiful thing!
  • No,I made a good choice :)
  • no, marry is necessary for living because every one have to have a child to look after them when they are old.
  • i am divorced now and i will say that marriage was ok will i do it again no. I am happier being single in the matter if i want to go out with my friend i can do that and no one can tell me where to go and what to do. Do i date yes? Would i ever get married again? No. Marriage is just a piece of paper to me and it complicates things. Who said you need to marry to be "inlove" or happy?
  • yes because i hated the man i longer married to him but still hate him
  • I usually hate being married. I have been married for 30 years and can't ever give my opinion without my husband getting defensive. He is way overweight and thinks viagra is the answer instead of losing weight. I can't begin to tell you what a turn off that is. If I didn't have two recent college grads that would be extremely disapointed in me, I would be out of here. I will probably go to my grave being unhappy. Thank God that I work and have my own identity!
  • I hate being married. I found this because I goggled "I hate being married". I wanted to see if other people were miserable too. I just want to leave. I am so depressed. I am tired of complaining. My friends are tired of listening. I feel bad because they want to be married. I feel smashed. I am just waiting for more time to pass. I haven't been married a year, and everyone keeps saying give it a chance, but why wait 3 years to confirm what I already know?
  • heck no!
  • I made the mistake of getting married again after 10 years of happiness and freedom. The biggest mistake is that my husband is younger and less educated. He has no amibition and I get tired of always having to lead the household and make sure all the bills are paid. He is irresponsible, never accountable for anything and is a big liar. I am at a point where I hate being in the same room with him. When I get fed up and scream at his irresponsibility, He always tells me that I should stop acting like a he-man. So I tell him someone has to be a man in the house, and make sure the bills are paid and that the house is taken care of. I have tried making excuses for him because he comes from a dysfuntional family and background. But after 11 years, I am worn out. This marriage has taken a physical toll on my appearance and health. I want out!!!!!
  • this question reminds me of the movie "revolutionary road"... very good movie!
  • No, it makes me feel safe and happy.
  • i have the most loving and patient partner in the world. i am blessed that he puts up with me. the past 22 years have been a joy compared to my first 21 without him.
  • I didn't when I was, but I've grown to hat my ex-wife. Despite all that, I'd still get married again.
    • Crazychick
      Does your ex-wife hat you too, Zack? Hats off to both of you! Lol:)
  • Never. I *love* being married. That doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy my single life, and every once in a while remember those fun days. However, my wife makes me want to be a better person. She's my best friend. I wouldn't trade that for anything.
  • Not any more. We've been married 21 years and I like it alot now. THe first 10 years were hard for me though. I had to grow up some and adapt and he did too. But we managed to do that and stay together. I like having a friend that I can sit with and drink coffee with and be with him. And now there is this shared history part of it that I feel real comfortable and secure with. All in all I'd say now it is a comfort in life to know he is there and will be. Irritations and faults come with every thing in life; single life is not all it's cracked up to be either. I was 32 when I got married and I cannot imagine having been married in my 20's. It would never have lasted as I was too immature and self centered and all I thought about was me and what I deserved and wanted. Life and happiness is not all about me and me alone....that's how I see it and I'm a happily married person now.
  • I don't really hate being married - it's just that at times I feel there are two people in me - one of them loves my husband - or rather likes my husband and the other is in love with my ex boyfriend. I can never seem to forget him, our relationship is karmic - I cannot seem to get over him. Sometimes I feel like shit coz I know that feeling which you are supposed to reserve for that one person whom you love deep deep down is not the one I am married's my exboyfriend.
  • No i love marriage life at least one can share all the problems in life and work to gether.
  • Here is my take on marriage, from experience and from observing others. 1. For many- after a while marriage is a ticket to change and expect your partner to be there for you no matter what. male or female it does not matter. I could list many examples but suffice to say- after the first while of "new" be who you really are and if your partner still wants you then there are no regrets! 2. Respect each other and each others individuality- time, space, friends, music, interests- everything. Give that person room to be themselves and to grow- obviously not to go tramping around but to be and to grow and live and to experience. Yes some and most will be with you but some will not be- best part is they can share it with you as a best friend does! 3. Sex always comes into conversations like this, some people continue to have it like bunnies and some like praying mantis. Why the latter? I do not know- self image, who knows but if you follow 1 and 2 above this will not be a problem (I imagine)
    • officegirl
      Very good. +5
  • I regret getting married, although I have an amazing 2-year old daughter, so that's a positive. My husband and I are polar opposites - he's a perfectionist, overbearing, controlling, very organized and a planner. I am not. He doesn't understand the close relationship I have with my parents, since he came from a dysfunctional family. He hates his current job and has a negative disposition 90% of the time. I see old photos of myself with friends and family, and I don't recognize myself. I was so much happier and didn't walk on eggshells all the time. I feel like I'm stuck, since I want the best for my daughter. I am grateful that my husband is an amazing father. He's considerate with feeding her, changing diapers and giving her baths. He adores her, and I couldn't ask for a better father for my daughter.
  • No. Whatever my husband's shortcomings - and he doesn't have many (I have lots more) - we are best friends and get on with each other and love spending time together.
    • Crazychick
      That sounds good, officegirl. :)
  • I've been married for 6 years and I've never regretted a single moment. I've been happier since I got married. :)
  • I don't know, I've never been married, but I don't think I would like it. Too much responsibility, no freedom to do the things I want to do, and (Heaven forbid) not having any money left to spend on what I want. Unless I win the lottery I don't think I would ever like to be married. Even if I was rich I probably would stay single.
  • What's to hate about it? Despite a certain sadistic troll on here falsely accusing me of cheating on my husband, I am very happily married.

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