• Well what do you think of this explanation ?
  • I have had an Ion footbath and I felt much better. But it didn't' work as well as a infrared treatment I got. And I still use an ion generator and it gets rid of allergies almost instantly.
  • I own one and it helped me with a few things.It takes time like most natural cures and one must do the foot bath over many times over a period of time to see results.It is a fallacy that any drug or cure on the market instantly cures,and since we make ourselves unhealthy over a long period of time,healing takes time as well.
  • I'm Not sure but read some negative info. I know cillantro, sun chlorella, and apple cidar vinagar are great! I know many people who have used these. I personally like organic apple cidar to drink in water. You can have honey with it also, added benefits. There are many sites to read all the benefits and I can agree with them all. I am never sick, full of energy, and I have great skin :) Natokinase is great for keeping the blood clean and free of clots etc, and allimax is fantastic for many things, take a look into these, very interesting
  • No, it doesn't answer the question on foot bathes so I thought I might be able to help on answering good detox products that I do know work. Hopefully someone will know about foot baths. When my sister was going to do that, we looked and decided agaiunst it, although it sounded great at first. So my short answer is I think not
  • Good ones do what they're supposed to but the side effects of the cheap ones can kill you. The main component of all the systems is the power supply and the cheap units use cheap, electrically noisy power supplies. The unit needs an extremely well regulated DC power supply. The ideal DC power supply generates 'pure' DC current with absolutely or near absolutely no AC current ripple. The DC power supply of the cheap units has magnitudes more AC ripple and noise than the more expensive ($2800) units. The AC ripple in the cheap units causes headaches, fatigue, nausea, apathy and in some cases heart problems, all from just the first use. So if you really want to remove toxins don't experiment with cheap units, spend the money to save your life. As a side note, the good results of an ionization bath are amplified greatly by first taking a steam bath.
  • It removes nothing except your money from your wallet you fools: What does the system consist off? It's a Footbath into which we introduce an array. This is coupled to a power unit, which generates a low voltage electrical current - with both positive and negative polarities - which, due to the conductivity of saline water, work together to produce the desired effect. Why did you become interested in 'Ionic Foot Spa Detox' systems? Since it seemed this was a type of natural Detox process, I thought it would fit nicely alongside other therapies that I was using in the field of nutrition. The basic principle of the treatment was electrolysis and electro dialysis. But what caught my attention most early on was how the water, that the feet were submersed in, changed colour. Some manufacturers claim that these colours correspond to specific body fluids, like cholesterol, uric acid, bile, blood, and even certain types of fats. What do you think of these claims? Such claims are no more than a 'sales pitch'. From the early stages of development it was suggested that certain colours corresponded to certain types of organ drainage from the kidneys, liver, intestines and so on. But when we started our investigations, within the parameters of biochemistry, we found only Iron Sulphate in the water. We could not show the presence of Albumin or any other type of liquid, any kind of increment of sodium or potassium, urea, bilirubin transaminates, sugar and so on.
  • Well we had one and the sales pitch was all the different colors had different toxins, well then she started showing my wife the parasites and that's when I went south. OKay so this parasite left your intestine or left some place in your body and traveled down your blood stream into your feet and then out your skin to this pan of ionized water... I mean I've been in sales a long time but this fish story had some stink... bad stink anyway my wife is still a believer I need to hide the credit card I guess.
  • I am a Naturapath who has been testing the water after foot baths and testing used footpads to allow customers to see what kind of toxins they are getting out of their body for at least 5 years .A sample of the water before they soak their feet and a sample after they finish the foot bath, sent to me can get them back a report of the relative levels of toxins were released from their body
  • never heard of them

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