• Many postal workers do work on holidays. On widely observed holidays like Christmas, New Years, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day, most employees are off. However even on those days there are a few employees working in plants sorting mail and in offices delivering Express Mail. On non-widely observed holidays like President's Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day and such, there are more employees working. Often mail is collected from the blue collection boxes and plants are usually working sorting mail and clerks in smaller offices sort and box mail as well. Usually on holidays letter carriers do not work and most clerks and managers do not work, but even on Christmas Day there are some postal employees working somewhere. We are never completely closed nationwide.
  • Main Sectional Offices are always open, and never close, no matter the day or holiday. These offices sort all 1st mail, including packages, bulk mail and business rate too. The sorting machines process everything for the surrounding areas, with trucks moving off the docks all night long to be at the local offices the next morning in time for those postal workers to sort and deliver promptly.

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