• Are you kidding me? I have never heard of such nonsense. What's yours is HIS and he can break it if he wants? I don't think so...if it were me I would smack him a good one..he is no longer a minor..then he would be SO out of there..and her too if she didn't like it.
  • Oh, beat his ASS! He is 18, take him out back and knock his ass out! if he threatens to call the police say go ahead callem i aint scared of no popo! what are they gonna do hes LEGALLY an adult. idk where your from so it might be different but if you could possibly go to jail for this, pay another 18 year old to whoop his ass and everytime he gets outta line, call your friend. =)
  • Kick him out of the house then! If your GF doesn't like it, then it might be time to consider ending that relationship as well. Absolutely unacceptable!
  • that not even right. you can throw his ass out. he is legally an adult. so kick his ass out and if he does come back call the police. get a restraining order on him. the police are telling you garbage. i agree with ninja...........kick his ass.
  • Throw all his stuff out on the corner. If his things aren't there, then he technically doesn't live there anymore. Then change the locks and have a trespass notice served to him that states he is NOT to set foot on your property again.
  • no,you are not wrong,it is your house and you are right in doing what you did. Kick him out and get a restraning order agaist him. He is leagally an adult so you can do what you want,tell the police to go back to school and relearn the law.
  • A few things need clarification. Is he your son as well? How long have you lived together? But, She's your girlfriend not your wife. Legally, you can have her and him evicted. He's an adult. If a knife was presented, it is a legal threat. If the police are telling you that "what's your's is his" is BS. If the police refuse to assist, contact the press, and lawyers and the police will likely be more than happy to help with the situation.
  • Bloody hell. Why on earth are you putting up with this in your own home? You need to tell your girlfriend that her son is not welcome in if your home and kick him out! You don't have to put up with this. If she doesn't like it then that is unfortunate so she can move into her place of her own and take him with her. He is not your responsibility. Kick him out and if she goes as well, so be it.
  • Well... that's your side of the story. How do we know you were not trying to rape him or did not attack him first? You need to get some proof that he was the instigator.
  • Get a lawyer.
  • maybe you need to kick him out

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