• just a non-professional opinion... keep it resting above your body for the whole day if possible, like on a couple pillows. keep ice (in a plastic ziploc bag, inside a light towel) on it as much as you can stand. see how it feels tomorrow. it should show improvement. if it is pretty swollen, bruised when you havent hit it on anything, or throbbing/painful to walk- i would say its time to see a doctor. its possible to crack a bone in the oddest ways. sometimes a sprain is worse than a break.
  • It could be tendonitis.
  • wow, thanks
  • Sounds like you have suffered inflammation of the tendons that help bring the foot up. It commonly happens when you play a lot of sports or do strenuous activites for a prolonged time especially when you do it ALL on one day. I suggest ice, Advil/Aleve, and rest for 1-2 weeks to allow your foot and ankle to heal up. If it continues to hurt, then go to your nearest podiatrist for an evaluation. You may need to get some good supportive shoes and inserts to allow your foot and ankle to work more efficiently. Hope this helps!

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