• I'm not speaking to the merits of the the other two walls but the Berlin Wall was imposed on the German people by their overlords to control the people inside the wall.
  • politics. those in power do as they wish. when the berlin wall became an eye sore of the past they tore it down, the same thing will happen again with the US/Mexico wall and the Israeli wall... history just repeating itself. you would've thought we had learned something from our past mistakes. p.s. operation gate keeper (a.k.a. Mexico/US wall) is a very horrid way of dealing with those damn immigrants, did you know that the metal that is used in a large portion of the wall is made out of depleted uranium left over from the first gulf war. great! recycling cancerous materials. unfortunately for clinton even though he was great in other aspects he didn't stop this horrendous project from coming to light.
  • In my opinion, double standards make the world go 'round. Unfortunately. Thankfully, a lot of people still agree that it's NOT ok for the US to have a fence separating them from Mexico. However, the Berlin Wall was also a symbol of the great rift between the Western world and Communism. So in a way, it is a little different. I'm not sure how Israel's fence works, but I know the proposed fence between the US and Mexico is mostly the product of prejudice and a poor immigration solution.
  • The Berlin Wall and the social Quarantine was required for communism in East Germany to work. People are naturally greedy, and the designers of the East German state realised that if people could just leave when they realised that the worthless lazy slob next door got payed just the same as the surgeon saving lives and working 16 hour shifts every day, then the state and communism would quickly crumple. (The above is an example, essentially, communism is unnattractive to greedy people:ie most people, so if they could, these people would leave and the economy would fail) Communism, of course, only works in a perfect world with perfect people, and East Germany failed: while Its Capitolist neighbours watched on with pity. Eventually, the government stopped flogging its dead horse, and let the prisoners of a brave social experiment go (wall came down).
  • US/Mexico. Different countries and the need for the US to curtail illegal immigration. That's a big border to patrol. Berlin wall. It divided people of the same origin. A political ideology fence only. When communism fell, so did the wall. There was no longer any need for the East German governement to keep it up. Israel. A way to provide some security for itself. Iraq actually built a "wall" comprised of one massively long anti tank ditch prior to the first gulf war too. Again, to provide some security.
  • The Berlin wall was not, originally, between two different countries. It cut one country in two and created two different countries. It would be equivalent to the US having a wall along the Mason-Dixon line. Also, I disapprove strongly of the Israeli fence and think the Mexico fence a paranoid waste of money and effort.
  • The Berlin wall split families along a new boarder that was just created in the middle of the night and lasted for years. The other walls you mentioned are along historic boundaries, not splitting families or countries.
  • Question: Who built each wall? and for what purpose? The Berlin wall was built by the East Germans to keep people in. The Mexico border fence was built by USA to keep people out. ( I must admit, I find it a little odd that a country which was founded by immigrants who sought refuge from ideologies or economies with which they did not agree now prevents access to other immigrants who are seeking refuge from ideologies or economies with which they do not agree)
  • I can't speak for Israel's fence, but in the case of the U.S./Mexico border: 1- The line was already there, the fence just enforces it. 2- Unlike East Germans, people in Mexico and other parts of South/Central America have legal avenues to leave. 3- Unlike Palestinians, Mexicans weren't driven from their homes on the other side of the wall, but rather handed it over pretty much of their own volition.
  • You forgot to mention the greatest of all walls...The Great Wall of China. Now, THERE'S one hellova wall! Like every thing else in the modern world, the new walls have no class!
    • Army Veteran
      The Great Wall of China was not built to "divide" anything. It was built as a barrier of defense against an enemy.
  • Who ever said the Berlin wall was bad? Politicians of course said permanently the contrary even if most were motre than satisfied. Margaret Thatcher and the French President as well as the Italian President cried tears when the wall fell down and all of them did anything to stop that the wall was torn down. So you can not take the Berlin wall as an example for the fence btween the USA/Mexico and other places in the world. As far as I know still in Korea they have such a wonderful fence also. And do not forget fences are usually very helpful.
  • I've never thought the US/Mexico fence was a good idea and I live here really close to the border. First of all the border is 1,969 miles long. Can you imagine building an expensive fence that long? It's a waste of money. Anyway, the problem with immigration is not the fence, it's the people in the US hiring illegal immigrants who are never made accountable for hiring them in the first place.
  • That is what many of us are asking whom live here on the border. Most are against the wall but the government gesapho demands it it is there! It has not slowed the rate of drugs coming across the border so that isn't the reason. Supposed "Terrorists" have better ways to cross. and those whom want to come for legitimate work even illeagly still cross as they always have. Walls give false security when they are as large as walls between countries and are stupidity gone to seed.
  • One word: hypocrisy This all depends on the perpetrator, if the US or Israel do it, it's good...repeat after me...good... If any other country of the loyal opposition does it, then it's bad...repeat after me...bad... Still, people can't see the the brainwashing machine at work that starts with the "god is good, the devil is bad" repeat after me... Excellent question, by the way and no, it's not ok for the US or Israel or any other country to do so - it's just simply that these two countries possess all the firepower of mass destruction and the other tools of leverage necessary to pull it off with impunity (in the case of the US, thru the money and power & in case of Israel, thru moral blackmail: holocust, anti-Semitism, etc.)
  • 6-21-2017 Walls have never been effective. People simply go around them. The wall at the Mexican border is especially stupid because it only keeps out the people who pick our crops. And it doesn't do that well. The number of Mexicans in the USA has been steady for as long as anybody has bothered to count, except it has increased since the border was closed. They still come, but now they can't go home again.
  • I do not understand how anyone could believe that there can be any correlation whatever between legitimate countries protecting legitimate borders and the Berlin Wall. Whoever suggested this needs to justify their argument. The wall actually was actually two walls. The space between the two was the death zone. I recommend a study in detail of the following. It will shed much light on origins of the Berlin Wall and the people behind it. The end of WW2 (the fall of Berlin). The division of Germany, the division of Berlin. The establishment of the Deutsche Mark. The Berlin Airlift. Reconstruction of Germany. Wirtschaftswunder (the economic miracle) by 1955 "WEST" Germany was the most prosperous economy in Europe while the east languished in poverty and oppression. Nikita Khrushchev. Ronald Reagan and the Berlin Wall. Michial Gorbachov. Then compare and contrast the reconstruction of Germany with the reconstruction of Japan uninhibited by Soviet interference.
  • The US/Mexico border fencing was created as a dispute of the competing land claims between the two countries. Berlin was rather divided not just by ideology, but by a concrete barrier that snaked through the city, serving as an ugly symbol of the Cold War.
  • to stop the illegals that cause big problems for a country them not paying tax/ taking tax paying peoples job/homes/ etc etc etc { really they are criminals } ..... with germany it was their OWN people not onther country
  • The door to Communism was opened to the West when the Western allies joined forces with the Soviet Union against Germany. At the end of the war, the Western Allies rewarded the Soviets for their contribution by handing them half of Germany. This satisfied the Soviets because that's what their part of the war was about - spreading to the West. Hitler tried to stop it, but by waging war against Germany, the Western allies encouraged it. There had to be an occupation zone within East Germany representing the 4 powers: Britain, France, the US, and the Soviet Union. This was supposed to be a free zone around which a boundary was created to separate it from Communism. This became the Berlin Wall. An interesting fact about the Berlin Wall is that it didn't start out as a wall - it started as a simple barbed wire fence, then was increased to a wooden fence when everyone kept escaping to the West (West Berlin). The Wall increased in size with large guard towers, each with two guards. They were assigned two guards in each because one of the jobs of each guard was to guard the other one to keep him from escaping. As to the border wall along the US/Mexican line, the problem there has always been one of America's policy of taking in every stray animal that came along. It wasn't "immigration" in itself that was the problem - it was circumventing the immigration laws. Everyone forgot the definition of "legal immigration". A few comments here cited "hiring illegals" as being the problem, but that's incorrect. Being illegal is the problem. They can't hire illegals if there are no illegals to hire. Thus, the crime of being illegal was committed before anyone could hire them. The wall dividing Israel and Palestine belongs to Israel. They describe the wall as "a necessary security barrier against terrorism" - which is ridiculous since Israel is the terrorist country. They are the ones trying to eliminate Palestine, which is only trying to protect what's left of its existence. There are different reasons for fences - three different ones have been explained here.
  • The US/Mexico fence was built by the U.S. to prevent foreigners from ENTERING the U.S. illegally. The Berlin Wall was built by the Communists to prevent CITIZENS of that region from leaving that region, even though they were WELCOME in the region on the other side of the wall, both regions agreed previously by the Allies in control to be restored to German control and restored as a single nation. In other words: the one was built to keep non-citizens from illegally entering while the other was built to keep citizens from leaving. In other words: it was built to imprison the citizens of that nation.
  • You mean the US border - it exists in every country. The occupying state of Israel is worse than the Berlin wall as it's not a legitimate state of affairs there. The Berlin wall was between two halves of a city - not country.
  • The US/Mexico wall is designed to keep illegals out and prevent illegal immigration. The Israeli wall is a security measure to help in their constant struggle against terrorist attacks. The Berlin wall was designed to keep people in. That's why they had machine guns and guard towers watching it in order to shoot any attempted escapees. It was also designed to maintain secrecy over the Soviet actions in their east German zone after the war. It became the first part of the infamous "iron curtain" the soviets installed over most of eastern Europe. It was a symbol of the Soviet power and authority and their communist govt.
  • They are waiting for the world's greatest pole-vaulting champion.

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