• kids laugh when an adult talks about sex because they are uncomfortable. when someone is uncomfortable, they usually try to make a joke out of it, which is what your friends are doing. I'm glad you are mature enough NOT to react the way your friends did.
  • Most teens in Sex Education classes make stupid remarks or giggle and joke because they are embarressed. I hope that is what you were asking.
  • Firstly, there will always be people who are more or less mature in every age group. You just have to learn to put up with them. They will hopefully catch up one day. Secondly, humour is sometimes used to cover embarrassment. Once again, be the better person. Roll your eyes and let it go.
  • Im sorry and this prolly doesnt answer yuor question but we're kids and we'll do n e thing to make people laugh with us and to get all the attention.
  • I still think sex is funny topic.
  • To many people, sex is only about gratification. It feels good, and talking about entertainment is in itself amusing. They don't know anything else about it. Many don't even know that sex can lead to pregnancy or they have all sorts of superstitions, like you can't get pregnant your first time. They are absolutely incapable of taking sex (or many other thing) seriously. Note that this behavior is not really limited by age, though it is most common amongst males in the under-25 age group. Girls/women seem to take the matter more seriously as do most guys over 30. Usually. However the young females are not necessarily any wiser nor less superstitious.
  • Because kids nearly always find this stuff funny because they are young and inexperienced both emotionally and physically. Also because when you are a kid it can all be a bit embarrassing as if something forbidden is being discussed. They were laughing despite the fact they answered the question incorrectly which shows how little they understood. It is no big deal and totally normal. Your friends are immature because they are kids not adults.
  • Its to cover the embartassment from the topic and to try and sound cool when they dont know diddly.
  • maybe they were embarrassed to talk about it so they joked around instead

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