• I think all people judge based on appearances- that's just how the world works. I think I'm fashion concious, but if you were to dissect my style, you'd see that I'm just as clueless as the next guy- I just try to fake it a little bit. Clothes often say the wrong things about people- people who want to look "funky" often look homeless and super ecclectic. People who want to look smart, and dress all in black, sometimes get mistaken as a goth, or depressed, or a beatnik. People who wear flowy clothing, mistaken as hippies. There are many "mistakes" to make with fashion so to judge a person based on their looks alone is likely to give you the wrong impression.
  • Sometimes I'm scruffy, sometimes I'm smart, depends on what I'm doing. I was probably more judgemental a few years ago, however as I've aged I've mellowed, so I doubt I would judge you.
  • I have no sence of style unless someone buys me or gives me clothes. I hate to shop so my clothes have alot of years on them.
  • I would maybe come to the conclusion that you were very down to earth. I like that
  • It's manipulated to do nothing but lie to you.
  • I think that as long as a persons clothse are clean and not wrinkled they look fine. Anything after that should be based on personality not on their fashion sense.
  • Not really; I say that because although I wouldn't judge a person by how good their fashion sense was, you can sometimes tell things about people by the clothes they wear, so I try to represent myself well even if it's not a particular trend.
  • Personally I like 'classic' look. The new stuff is ridiculous, mix and match. A nice jacket with worn (torn) jeans are currently the 'in' thing. Men no wearing six, 6 o'clock shadows etc etc.
  • Yes, probably. What I think is interesting is to see someone who is wearing something absolutely ridiculous it looks so bad and I feel sorry for that person. Then there comes a time when I know what I an wearing looks totally ridiculous but that's what I had and decided screw it, who cares. Then I go out and think, wait a minute, are people feeling sorry for ME?
  • im not into fashion myself
  • The only people you have to worry about noticing how you dress is a date or prospective employer. You can solve that my going to any really good dept store and asking if they have a personal shopper to help you pick out 2 or 3 outfits. Macys used to have them dont know if they still do.
  • Hi Rosie, Thought Answerbag had died, but just found it again. I can't imagine you being mediocre at anything and as we all know beauty can be on the outside, but is more likely to be on the inside.

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