• Yes. Yes it does.
  • yes,this is true. i know from experience. if you wear the garment too much while sweating and you perspire heavily, then the garment will easily turn to yellow
  • Yes this is why I wear a white undershirt almost all the time - I got tired of my regular clothes getting sweat stains in the armpits, so I wear a white t-shirt underneath. That shirt gets the bulk of the yellowing and keeps my regular shirts looking decent.
  • Yes it can stain clothes badly if you are prone to sweating heavily.
  • yes again from experience i think if you put lemon juice on it you should be able to save it if it was a favorite shirt other than that just wear a shirt under from now on.
  • Try washing it with white vinegar and then laying it on a lawn of green grass. Vinegar is good for any body stains, sweat, hair oils on pillowcases and the like. The grass will really whiten any white item. I had a tablecloth that some children burned RED candles on. I got alot of the wax out but the red dye wsn't coming out. I tried the grass thing and it took 3 days, but it got back to white! :-)
  • It definitely does. If you want to prevent this, use lot's of anti-perspirant. Washing your white clothes after sweating in them is also a good idea.
  • Yes, and if it is an all white shirt, use bleach to turn it back white.
  • the reason it looks like sweat turns your clothes yellow is because that is where you had applied aluminum to your skin and it reacted with the fabric and turned it yellow instead of trying to fix the clothes after they turn yellow, try using a non aluminum deorderant [rock/bar/stick] and solve the problem before it happens these rocks last what seems like forever, does not harm your fabrics, makes it little black dress wearable, and is better for your pocketbook because of how much money you will save

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