• I think in one of the first cases of someone being a pedophile I'd ever heard of as a kid, one of the people was female. She owned a daycare center or something and was making the kids do bad things.
  • Look at that bitch Myra Hindley.
  • women can be pedophiles as well.
  • YEs, a pedophile can be either man or woman. It is where an adult has some kind of sex with a child. IT does not say what sex the adult has to be.
  • There are female paedophiles though they are much rarer than male paedophiles. Recently there has been quite a few cases of female teachers molesting male students. See for more info.
  • Yes there are female peodophiles/paedophiles/pedophiles, but in much smaller numbers than the male predators.
  • When I was about seven my childhood friend's older sister (I think she was 16 or 17.. I cannot remember for sure .. it was 23 yrs ago) introduced me to an area of life I never knew existed before between two women. That is all I will say on the matter. I never told my friend about her sister, my parents or anyone else .. and later on in life only my best friend and I think I told my fiance' when we were talking about all the stuff in the news once but I will tell it here because while I do not know that that meant she was a pedophile, I do know that men are not the only ones who do things of a sexual nature with young children. Edits.. it could have been just the touchy learning stuff girls go through but she was much older and that has always stuck in my mind. Back then it was like OMG .. I had no clue what was what .. but later in life I was like.. hmmm
  • I think about 10% of pedophiles are female, they normally have only about 1 or very few victims that they abuse over a very long period of time. So the vast majority of victims were abused by males.
  • just to clarify, much more than 10% of pedophiles are female, and a huge majority of them have multiple victims. the reason people don't know this is because of the way society seems to view women as angels. people tell girls and women to feel strong for reporting rape, yet men and boys are made to feel weak and stupid, and ashamed for reporting. especially if they were abused by a female. in addition to this, many courts and juries refuse to look at these things as real crimes although they clearly are. so basically, the statistics of female pedophiles are horribly skewed. if a female pedophile is caught, she will often get much less of a punishment than a man. for example, a woman (tammy imre if you want to use google) received only six years in jail for having sex with an eight-year-old boy. he told her that he didn't want to, and she told him that she would kill herself if he stopped. rape? maybe. pedophilia? no doubt. the jury had a hard time believing it though, even with physical test evidence from csi.
  • my son was molested by my step niece. She was found guilty by child services but nothing ever happened to her..they never followed up..she never got counseling, etc. To this day she swears she's innocent. A 5 year old doesn't make up the things my son said happened to him.. NO WAY IN HEL L. She's now over 18 and her record is cleared. I know she will do it again. I am sure she did it to my nephews. My bro and sis in law knew it was going on for over a year and didn't do a thing..they still to this day deny she did anything.. I hate them all.they ruined his life. Wonder how long it will be before she does it to her own kids.
  • Haven't been watching the news much, have you? PLENTY of female teachers have been arrested and tried for this over the last few years. I think the difference may not be in the numbers, but in the reporting. Boys ALWAYS want to have sex with someone, and girls are less likely to. Parents pay more attention to their girls than their boys in this regard, and may not notice any signs that it's happening. And, even if they do, that doesn't mean they will report it. They may "have a talk" with the woman, but that's probably about it.
  • emma, it's not letting me post reply to you so here it is no they took it serious. They told my bro and sis in law she HAD to go to counseling. My sis in law told child welfare to go to HEL L. The SW would not go to their house w/o taking sheriffs office with her because they was scared of her. SW told me that in 30 years of being of SW NOBODY has EVER talked to her like my sis in law did and she was literally in fear for her life.. But they never removed my nephews (at the time age 1 & 3), they never followed up to SEE if she got therapy or help..They let it go..Had that been me, I would have immediately removed those 2 kids. She abused them.. ie) made them drink hot sauce, sent them to bed without food on several occasions, punched them.. child welfare..NEVER even investigated whether they were even being abused. They didn't seem to care.. they just didn't want to deal with her
  • I think its true. There are probably a lot of pedophile women out there but its just not reported. Men are conditioned to be strong and also to love sex so they may not view it in the same way as females when they are forced to have sex or probably just try to be tough. How will it help them if they report it? They will probably get more slack for it from society etc. I think its absolutely disgusting that women teachers get away with so much. Im a woman. I believe children should be protected and there is no excuse for men/women to abuse or touch children. I know two guys, who have only shared with me that they were abused by women when they were young. One was raped at only 15 by a much older woman and another was only 11 and made him touch her ( with her hands forced his around) and touched him too. Its just sick and disgusting , no1 should have to go through that, if you're doing that STOP. People dont understand how much it can affect someones life. You are really damaging someones life. People who do it are purely selfish. And whoever has been affected SHOULD NOT be ashamed. The 'adult' or person who is so desperate shouldnt even be alive. Its truly demented. Stop hurting innocent children. Find something else to do. If you are being affected, be strong, report it to someone you trust, A teacher, parent , the police call a helpline. If they dont do something , keep trying. This should NOT be happening to u. So change IT. Be strong. Sorry but i seriously hate that so many people do this and get away with it. Its not talked about enough and is absolutely wrong!!! If i was a judge i would give the death sentence for this crime only! The only way to lower this. You control your life. You have the power. No excuses people.
  • Thus i dont think the law is harsh enough i really dont. Thats why it still occurs so much. Am sure the numbers are high and getting higher in our increased sexualised society. Childhood is disappearing. Its a shame. ANyway, respect yourself, dont let anyone touch you, its not right. If you dont want to, tell someone, whats happening is dangerous and will only get worse. Tell someone. There are people out there to help. Life is NOT meant to be like this. At all, so dont take it. Pedophiles are evil and selfish. full stop. Its terrible in every way.

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