• It depends of how attractive you are. In that case probably she has a better financial situation to share with you.
  • The bank teller is aware of everyone's financial situation. She probably doesn't remember yours... you won't have to worry about that unless she's actually interested ^_~
  • That might be on thing to take into consideration, but I wouldn't say that it's the all-deciding factor. There are plenty of women out there who you may or may not hit on, and with most of them, the odds are greatly stacked againts you for any number of reasons, so you probably have just as much chance of success in hitting on a bank teller as you do with anyone else. You never know, if it turns out that she likes you, for whatever reasons, perhaps she'll take your audacious advances as a sign that you're not shallow and insecure enough to be actually concerned with money.
  • well, there is truth in the saying "you never know until you try". but serious tactical advice-wise, i have to say that a person you are not currently involved with having intimate knowledge of your financial status (good or bad), already knows too much. now if you were married to them for twenty years, that might be different. but as for a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend, its a little more risky.
  • She'll laugh at you and say "where are you hoping to take me for a date with those -$25 in your account and no paycheck?"
  • probably
  • probably
  • slip her your number

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