• mp3 are for music not videos.
  • That is going to depend on your player. Some will allow a direct docking and will play almost any video file. Some will need to have that video file converted to one it understands, before you can transfer it. Some will have an sd memory card that will allow the direct transfer without decoding. Some will do all of the above, such as the one I own, a Creative Zen. At the very least, there will be a cable provided with the player that will hook up to a USB 2.0 port on your PC. There may be special software (such as I tunes or Creative Media Explorer) that came with it, that you'll need to use. Some players will operate just fine with using windows media player as the transfer program. Some will let you use "my computer", to drag and drop your vids. There are also some audio only MP3 players that will allow you to use a folder in their storage area, to store any file and transfer it to another pc, just like a jump drive. If you were a little more specific on the player, I might be of more help.
  • One site: Nuff Said
  • Your player should come with software to convert video clips to the appropriate format. Check the manufacturer's website for any firmware/software updates and once done, you should be able to simply start the converter program on your pc and import whatever clips you want.

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