• Edit: No. You might feel uncomfortable during the church process thing... and plus, it wouldn't probably look good on you. Try to wear good loose clothing and stay comfortable. Don't dress like a hoodlum though.
  • 1. denim trousers 2.two or more Frenchmen who would answer to John, were they English speaking. 3) two or more Scottish ladies, who would answer to Joan if they came from south of the border
  • Yeah, or a micro-mini skirt.
  • No, you should never wear jeans to church. And most definitly not tight ones. It's not the time or the place for showing off your booty.
  • You might split your pants.
  • I always had a problem with church being a fashion show of any kind. God doesn't love you more if you can afford fancy 'goin' ta church clothes' but by the same token it isn't the place to try to advertise your junk to try to attract others. If tight jeans are just more comfortable for you, so be it. By the same token I have a few issues with people that seem to give off the impression that coming to His "house" is more important than inviting Him into Your heart.
  • Now that this is an actual question.... Yes, camel toe or franks & beans exposure is always popular in a church setting.
  • Not tight jeans... Its very very very disrespectful to the others that attend church only to think of God! I think Sunday mroning the most appropriate clothing is something dressy... Now if you attend sunday night or wednesday night service... Jeans are fine! I dunno... I suppose its great that your going to church! And even tho people say they don't judge... Normally church people judge the most and are the harshest! WOW....Sorry thats quite awful of me to say cuz it sounds like I'm judging...but its mostly from personal experience!
  • Sure, as long as you wear a halter top.
  • Very very very tight tight tight jeans are sure to be very very very uncomfortable and risky (imagine goig down to sit & rrriiippp). Plus, it's not healthy for various reasons!
  • If you are concerned with being respectful of the place and waht goes n there, and want to uphold the dignity of a place of worship, I don't think it is a good idea. If you don't care or want to shock people or show God that you are not a modest person, it's fine.
  • These are the jeans I plan to wear:
  • If you have to ask the question, then I think you already know the answer......sign me (give some Respect to God)
  • That depends, are you planning on suducing someone?
  • i do, but only on fridays, not sundays. Not sundays cause there's a lot of older ppl around then and they're too old fashioned to understand things such as personal styles. God is more concerned about your heart condition rather than what you're wearing. ppl will always try to promote their own agendas, and if they dont like to see tight pants in the church then of course they'll say, "it's disrespectful towards God." remember the verse that goes something like this: man looks at the outer appearance but God looks at the heart. just try to picture jesus standing at the door and not letting you in based upon what you're wearing. can you actually picture that? i cannot. but i sure can picture self-appointed 'agents of God' doing that. any church that does that is not worth attending anyway, since they haven't learned much about compassion and judgment and probably a number of other things. I say examine your motive(s) for wearing very tight jeans to church. mine are because its just my own personal style and i like them. i've read about ppl of the church arguing whether flip flops should be worn in church. do they actually think early christians wore wing-tips or oxfords to church back then? it's petty stuff such as this that will keep nonbelievers out of the church forever.
  • No, I wouldn't.
  • No, if you fart you might blow your shoes off.
  • You wouldn't be the first.
  • Depends on your age, and how religious you are. Adults generally have to wear more formal clothes, but from like 15 and under its probably acceptable attire.
  • No, you might split your pants.
  • Well, that might depend on the church you go to. At some contempary churches, jeans are OK. However, if you plan to be able to actually breathe or sit down, I wouldn't wear "very very very tight tight tight jeans" anywhere!
  • Spends a lot on the church. Don't wear them unless you see others wearing them, and then wear them next time if you do.
  • You can wear whatever you want. This is the problem with these so-called Religion experts. They are quick to condemn. Don't let these Pharisees tell you what you can't wear. Only Jesus can change your dress style if you ever feel condemned about it.

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