• I think they need to give you the option of cleaning them yourself instead of an automatic charge, but the laws governing it probably varies state to state. Can you advise in which city/state so that we may check the local statutes?
  • Unless you have agreed to salary sacrifice (ie: slowly pay off your uniform, pay packet by pay packet, until the full amount has been deducted) then I can see absolutely no reason why an employer would be charging a "rental fee" on a uniform. Anywhere I have worked where a uniform has been required, I have been given the uniform by the company free of charge, but asked to pay a small fee if I wanted extra shirts, etc. If they did not stipulate that a uniform was mandatory, I didn't wear one. I certainly have never paid my employer a monthly amount simply to wear their uniform. It sounds very suspicious to me.
  • First off labor laws depend on the state in which you are working. Generally speaking, it is legal to charge, especially if your hourly wage after all employer charges (not including tax) is above applicable minimum wage.
  • The following states: AZ, Nevada, CA, Texas,Idaho
  • I've never heard of this before, but it sure does make the company look low-down cheap. Anywhere I have worked and a uniform was required, I've always been given the uniform by the company free of charge.

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