• i worked for a company that referred people to college classes, and one of the schools offered a GED/HS Diploma program. I don't really know if its any good, but I do know that it exists. The school was PCDI (I think its just but I could be wrong)
  • Sure there are, but they cost more than going to a school and getting one, and yes PCDI is one of the places where you can get one. Some online schools like that technically can fall under a 'high school diploma' one of them usues the name James Madison High School, and will even send you a class ring. I can't remember which one though. If you are home during the day, they advertise those places all day long. Places like Florida Metropolitan University offers high school diplomas and for some programs there, you don't even need one to get certified. I hope you decide to go through with it, and I wish you the very best of luck with the whole thing!
  • not sure, i would just check it out online

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