• Kayla, find a good looking man at the place where you purchased your phone and have him show you. You might get a free lunch out of it too. I am ugly and have a husband so he taught me.
  • I multimedia message them to my e-mail and then transfer them to my pictures.
  • Since we have no idea what phone you have or many other things, it should tell you in your phone's Owner's Manual. If not, call the phone store you got it at or the 800 tech help number online Monday and I am sure they can fax or email you directions if they cannot help you directly by phone.
  • There should be a type of cord that is probably sold straight from the manufacters. Some type of USB cord. Check the providers web site.
  • ok i just did.
  • 2-4-2017 Plug in a USB cable and your phone's gallery becomes another drive on your computer. Right click a file and drag it to your desktop, then choose whether you want to copy it or move it.
  • Kayla, first ill need to know what kind of phone you have. it usually wont matter but certain phones run different ssoftware when you use them with a computer. I would plug in your phone to the computer using its USB charging end. once plugged in, wait for your computer to recognize the device. If the device comes up as files or a folder, thats great the photos should be inside the folders (camera folder, photos, etc) then you can click and drag the ones you want to save, you could also just as easily copy and paste them into another folder or program like Paint. its fairly simple. be patient and if your computer doesnt recognize the device right away, you can access the devices menu of your computer with the "control panel", "hardware and sound", and then use "add device" or "recognize/search devices" cheers

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