• You have no obligations to your son, when he reaches adulthood or 18. most parents allow their children to stay in the home, if they are attending a local college or working. other than your good graces, there is no law that states you HAVE to continue raising your adult child. he is officially on his own. If your son is resisting leaving, you can always seek a writ of eviction and have the local sheriff force him to leave. this is the extreme and not many parents go this route. but, its there, if you need it.
  • You have no parental duty to your son after he turns 18, but landlord tenant law still applies. Without more info I can't tell you for sure whether you have to give him 30 days notice to evict, but just because he doesn't pay rent doesn't mean he is not a tenant. So the safe answer is to make sure you give him 30 days notice, since the law may view him as a tenant. Otherwise, you have no duties.

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