• Yes. What you need to do is plug your ipod in, and when itunes comes up asking you if you would like to reformat the ipod with the song on your computer, dont even do anything. LEAVE THAT BOX UP. Go to My Computer and you should see the pod labeled as a hard disk. Go into it, and go into the folder ipod_control ( make sure you have hiddin file and folder viewing enabled in windows ) and then go into the folder labled music. The ipod stores all of its song in folder within the music folder. the folders are f1-f50 and the songs are randomly strewn about within these folders and named things like HGND. Ignore this. Copy all of those folders to a folder on your desktop or anywhere else on your computer. Have itunes add the folder with the music you just copied over, and it will re sort and categorize all of your music! ;) Ive done the same thing before, works like a charm...except when I did it and my ipod was clicking. I almost didnt get my music back! :x I later warantied it. bad hard drive in it. Enjoy!
  • If you have music on your ipod you have bought from itunes then you will have to authorize the computer to play them again the instructions are here If not, you need to buy this program it will transfer all your music from the ipod into itunes, new iPod. very simple, easy to do!
  • You can copy music from iPod to computer. But you should download third-party software. iPod and iTunes transfer.I recommend this iPod ripper which cab get back your files.

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