• Maltese? Bichon Frise? Bichon Bolognese? Poodle?
  • Okay I'll try to go in order here: 1-terrier mix (looks like a little bit of Westie) 2- Australian Cattle Dog(that one's a Blue Heeler not Red) 3- looks like a big dog mix (cute) 4- Dachsund 5- Chihuahua 6- Dalmation 7- terrier mix (looks like a little bit of Westie) 8- Golden Retriever 9- Yellow Labrador Retriever puppy 10- Black Rabrador Retreiver (it may be a mix) 11- genuine mutt (this one has a long line of diff. breeds!)
  • It appears to be a Yellow Lab. Nice friendly dogs.

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