• i find that tea with honey and fresh lemon is quite soothing to the throat. (i like earl grey.)
  • I agree with lemon and honey, but that is usually for an irritated or congested throat. It does work. After fifty years of singing, I have not found any specific foods or drinks that help. Anything that sharpens, yet relaxes the mind, and gives you energy is good. The best medicine I've ever found to make one sing better is a good audience and a good back-up band. Practice is the best thing you can do to help you sing better.
  • Plain water is the only thing - drink 6 to 8 glasses a day. However there are lots of things to avoid. Lemon is acid and irritates the vocal cords, spicy foods have a similar effect. Tea and coffee contain caffeine which dehydrates you and dries out your larynx. Honey contains sugar which can - as can dairy products - cause the body to generate too much mucus in the throat so you have to keep clearing it. As for so-called throat sweets, they often contain menthol which, again, dries out the vocal cords. I got all this information first-hand from an ENT specialist after I developed vocal nodules, so it stands a good chance of being correct.
  • Just boil a cup of water with peeled ginger, let it warm, then drink the liquid. It's proven.
  • Hott water with honnny
  • Lemons are the worst for your vocal cords. Some people may say to suck on one right before you sing but it doesnt do anything to make you better. I know that chocolate and dairy make it worse for me because of the mucus.
  • Hot Toddy - water, whisky, lemon, sugar and honey SORTED! oh and obviously plenty of water, and no / limited dairy and citrus! x

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