• A teacher in high school told me I have a radio voice. It only stands out because I replied "and a radio face, too."
  • my primary school head techer sato my da, while i was there: "he'll be bullied the rest of his life", that was when i was a bout 8, i'm 17 now and no "bully" will dare come near me, the all know i do martial arts. and i'm too nice for people to bully me anyway! lol
  • She told me my maths exams results really stood out. I got 3D ( lowest you can get ) CHEEKY COW ! Even though it was clever.
  • in the 7th grade one of my "teachers" took us on a "field trip" to the football field i fell in a hole and sprained my ankle on the walk back thanks to my platform sneakers (spice girl skechers.. oh yah gotta love the 90's), well when i fell the "teacher" ran to me from the front yelling "Billy i mean Bobbi Jo" grrr i hated that guy
  • I think you'll do well in whatever you do. I thought that was a cool thing to say.
  • "100 lines - I must not forget to do my homework!"
  • Well I had just been stabbed in the back of the head with a pencil in 5th grade towards the end of the year and the teacher walked up to me wile I was in the office looked at me and said, "Where you talking?" I said yes of course she then walked off and said "Bet it hurts" i can't wait till cancer kills her
  • That it had been a pleasure and joy to teach me,and if all his pupils were as good as me it would make his job alot easier.....oh hang on that was a dream, he said something along the line of "get out of my sight you cretin" words i will never forget lol.
  • "I think you'll do well in whatever you do, That it had been a pleasure and joy to teach you" :)
  • When I was 16 I had long hair, listened to rock n roll and drove a deep pinkish purpleish Road Runner with mag wheels and wide tires. We lived on a farm about 8 miles out in the country from the small town where I went to school. It was 1976 and I was a sophmore in high school. I had never seen marijuana at that time, much less smoked any, nor taken another other illegal drugs. I was going home one Satureday night after a dance and it had rained really hard. The creek low water crossing I had to get across to get home was flooded, so I turned around and drove back to town and used the pay phone to tell my folks I couldn't get across and was going to stay at our our deer lease, which I could get to. I used the only pay phone in town which was right across the street from one of my Coach's house, he was also my Health and Science teacher. The following Monday he pulled me aside and said he knew I was a doper. I asked what he was talking about and he said he saw me using the pay phone around 1 A.M. and only dopers would be doing that. I was furious. As were my parents when they were told. I lost all respect for that man. Moral of the story is don't be too quick to judge....... (Also, maybe he was psychic, lol, because about 2 years later I smoked dope and did for a number of years. Gave all that up many years ago though)
  • You're a smart guy.
  • 'you're a very talented photographer' ... that was at 16/17 and the first time I had ever been complimented by a teacher. that and 'well lets just hope we can get ONE mark from that' after my german GCSE aural....I remember that one for a very different reason. (I was also in the middle of basically a breakdown, I was suffering from serious depression and the teacher knew that...WHAT a bitch!
  • It involves the word "three". I had come from Ireland a couple of years before, and still had a heavy accent. The question was something like, "What is five minus two?". I raised my hand, and answered correctly. How did she react? She said,"Stand up, and say that again." I had always failed in math, so my brain was scrambling to figure out what I'd done wrong. It didn't matter. I had to stand there, and say that number over and over again, all while she said, "Look at how stupid he is!" The kids mocked me, and she enjoyed my pain thoroughly.
  • "What ever you do, don't let the bastards win." - That was my 6th grade geography teacher and my 7th grade ancient civilzations teacher... my favorite teacher ever, wonderful man he is, still see him sometimes.
  • "Always anticipate the scoffer."
  • "you are a sleeping giant, the world will weep when you awake." That was my economics teacher. Wasnt a big fan of that class. Never did homework, barely participated in any of the projects, but always did above average on my tests, usualy B's. He was bewildered with my scores because of the lack of interest i was showing in the class. He always said if i just applied myself a bit more, i would blow the entire class away. He was one of the few teachers that was proud of me. "Your presentations are remarkable... youre just like hitler" I didnt know how to take that one till he explained: I wasnt a big fan of english (big surprise) but i LOVED presentations. Apperantly, Hitler was a flippin genious at presentations and as my english teacher described "he was able to captivate the audience, get his point across and build a strong following from his words" No, my teacher wasnt a nazi nor was he racist. He was awesome though. One of the two teachers that made me belive i was good enough for the world and that i had helpfull things to contribute. Unlike the bitch i got the next year who failed me cause she didnt like the style i wrote in. but screw her.
  • "if you never risk anything you'll never have anything."
  • "Everyone has something special to say." - maybe corny but it helped me through college writing.
  • 1st grade teacher after 1 year in the states: (To my parents, but in front of me) "His English is so good that I would consider having him tutor some of the upperclass kids."
  • "You're pretty much guaranteed an A unless you like sleep through the exam or something." Ah honors chem, so good.
  • Most of my teachers were like Colin Hanks english teacher in Orange County, "Saw you used a lot of big words. Nice. I didn't finish it all... so I just gave you an A". They didn't dispense much wisdom.
  • Be the best person that you can be because you are the only one in control of your reputation.
  • He said, if I use all of my talents, I will be successful. He was a very stoic person, so coming from him I took it as a big compliment.
  • Do not be too happy with your results because it was only a trial examination. The actual one would be different.

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