• 1. My grandmomma plays better than you. 2. Do you know where the rim is? 3. You call that a dunk? Ive seen cops dunk donuts better!
  • You long streak of piss. Do you sleep in a growbag. What's the weather like up there. Open your legs and you look like a redwood tree in Canada you lanky freak.
  • I've seen babies dribble better than that.
  • You think that the two bucks you pay for a ticket entitles you to insult people who are playing their hearts out? Why don't you come to practice sometime and show them how, if it's so easy? Or better yet, show good sportsmanship by encouraging your own team and not booing the other? Eventually you're going to mature and feel bad that you used to shout ridicule at athletes.
  • I heard of this once... "If you're not black, then you can't play basketball."

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