• In New Jersey, the age is 13. It may be different in other jurisdictions. Sometimes the child makes the request in family court. In my case, it was privately decided between my ex-wife and myself and I went to court myself in order to stop paying child support. My undersatnding was that I was paying child support through court order, so I needed a second court order to have it stopped. I was happy that my daughter didn't have to appear in court. My ex-wife did not have to appear. I hope this helps somewhat-- you should discuss your circumstances with a local lawyer, although I didn't need one.
  • Around here it's 12..and you go through the courts.
  • On average the courts will allow teens 14 years old or older to give their input The courts take that into consideration along with everything else. The courts will ultimately make the decision based on all the i formation and what they consider what is in the best onterest of the child. So if you want to be heard, make sure you have logical and well thought out reasons, no whining and complaining.

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