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  • I really cant believe you are going to do this at 12 years old,please take my advice and please dont and tell your boyfriend no.
  • look at some porn sites with the topic "blow job"
  • One suggestion: DON'T. Don't be stupid. At age 12 you shouldn't even have a "boyfriend," let alone even THINK about any kind of sexual activity. Stay at home and play with your teddy bear. And just by the way, if you do, then your "boyfriend" is guilty of statutory rape. Depending how old he is, he could go to prison. How old is he? Has he been checked for sexual diseases? Youy could get any or all of a dozen or more diseases, some of which could kill you. Stay at home and play with your teddy bear.
  • you should not even be asking such a question. dont your parents supervise you?

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