• Nope...
  • No, because if I like someone, I want them to like me back for who I am... if they're getting bullied, I'll step in, and if they post what I think is a bad answer, they'll get a few less points. The only difference toward them would be me paying a little more attention to their activities on AB...
  • No. If you like someone, ask them if you can contact them outside answerbag. Most people's email@ are on their profiles. For those who aren't , maybe ask them in a comment.
  • it's my charming wit and off-beat personality that make me so appealing.. why would i dare try to stifle or downplay my unique qualities?
  • No I would not change the way I reply, it would mean that the other person would gain a false impression and that could not be helpful to either party.
  • No, I am who I am, no matter who may be around, watching or reading. It wouldn't make sense to me to act differently...wouldn't you want the person to like you for the real you?
  • Nope I sure would not. Because a) its a website...and I will never meet them in real life and b) I put up a front for no man!
  • I can't get a crush on someone I've never seen or touched.
  • No not at all. I don't consider this a dating site.
  • No, I wouldn't. I couldn't do it because i would want them to know the type of person i really am. I don't think i would try to put on a show and make them think I'm someone that I'm not because eventually they would find out and it would hurt them that much more.
  • nope, I dont really know anyone on here plus ive done the distance thing before it really sucks. Therfore i just answer the question, not really thinking of anyone but the person who asked it.
  • I would probably include silly winking or smiling faces in my comments to that person but otherwise remain the same. It is extremely doubtful that I would ever act on an Internet crush.
  • No I would be myself and answer as I usally do
  • ya i would i would not be scared to let the one i like find out about me likein them? it would just prove i like the person and see if they like me and to find more things about the person
  • I wouldn't answer questions differently but I might ask them differently since some of them have to do with that person. That means you!! =P
  • Have you ever heard the quote "It's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not"? I can totally identify with that quote. That is the reason that I don't see the point in answering questions on here differently if I like someone on here. The only person I like on here like that is my boyfriend anyway and he's already accepted me for me.
  • i could not answer this question any better than I Don t Care if You re Offended.
  • Nope.I just act the same all the time.My enfatuation has nothing to do with it.I react the way I am treated,mostly,anyone should know that who knows me.*+++++*
  • Uh, yes. At least until I figure out how to handle it. Rofl.
  • No, why would i do that?

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