• i believe that fits the bill for clamydia. you should go to your family doctor as soon as possible!
  • Vaginal pain and burning are symptomatic of several types of infections and diseases. You could have a urinary tract or bladder infection, for example, or a sexually transmitted disease (STD), like Chlamydia. The early stage symptoms of Chlamydia don’t exist for 80% of all women who have the disease. You don't even know you have it - for anywhere from one to three weeks after you get it. Then you might begin to see signs. For 4 out of 5 women with the disease, that's reality. Neither of the two conditions you mentioned are Chlamydia’s most common symptom, a foul smelling discharge. I hope you feel better soon. mb: I think it could be worse than even a bcd (bad-conduct discharge), but I'm not sure. "Dishonorable discharge." What a goofball, LOL
  • i have a major pain on my vagina and burns when i pee and smells and when me and my boyfriend have sex afterwards i burn and his penis burns and when he puts his penis in me it hurts really bad. like im getting torn apart.
  • this happens to a lot of girls. many of my friends get this often. i usually get this sensation the day or two after i have sex. it only burns when i pee, but i feel like i have to pee every 5 mins. it feels better to pee, but burns again once i stand up. what is wrong?
  • you have a bladder infection and need to seek a dr for this plm and also make sure that youre sex partner and u are clean before and after sex in order to keep this from happening again and also make sure that u clean youreself properly after you use the toilet and besure to be hygenic after youre time of the month its also possible that you have kidney stones and it cause you to have bladder infection and that means you need to slow down on youre coke intakes if you drink more cokes then water
  • sb2forever, the same thing is happening to me. I read on other blogs/google that (especially if your partner has a big dick) that it could be a cut. The urine then passes over the cut, making it burn. Seems like a sensible solution to me.
  • This is not a walk in clinic and we cant diagnose. Contact your ob-gyn and make an appt or try to get them to diagnose over the phone.
  • My uncle died when he had pain in his bladder so you better get to the doctors office soon.

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