• Traffic school is usually permitted for minor violations, but not DWI or DUI offenses. If you license was revoked because of a DWI conviction, the department of motor vehicles is the only entity that can reissue your license. However, they may require certain things, including alcohol treatment programs to be completed before they will reinstate your license. That may require going through the criminal court to resolve your DWI case (if you haven't already). You may have been ordered by the court to attend a mandatory "alcohol class" as a part of a conviction. Once you've completed the class (or in some instances just enrolled in the program), you may request a restricted license from the court. It's the DMV that is the final word on your license. Check with them to see what the requirements are to get yours reinstated.
  • I do not believe that a conviction for dui or dwi, is a traffic school choice. if your drivers license are currently revoked and you did not answer a court summons, on the dui, there most likely is a warrant outstanding for your arrest. getting your drivers license reinstated is not going to be an easy task. your past driving record will hold your future. each state is a little different in the handling of dui cases. everyday, state legislatures are passing much stricker laws, dealing with drunk drivers. the penalties are much more severe today, rather than 10 years ago. deaths, contributed to drunk drivers, has forced governments to enact much tougher first offense penalties. call your local police departments warrant division, to see if you are a wanted person.

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