• Be casual, but not too informal. Just be polite and well-groomed and you'll be fine. All I wore for my engineering job was a collar shirt and dark khakis. Got hired the next day.
  • Dress as if they would ask you to start that day. Do the tellers at that bank in suits, or just dress shirts and ties? If they are casual, I would wear a dres shirt and tie, with dress pants. As for questions, I'm sure they might ask questions to see if you are an honest person, what type of person they are hiring. Good luck!
  • i went to bank teller interview about 4 weeks ago. and i got the job! they will probably ask you no more questins than mcdonalds or walmart would ask. and wear a shirt and tie with dress pants. no need to over do it. tellers are low level positions so i doubt that they would be to particular about it. but definitely dress nicely.
  • If you decide on a suit, go for one that compliments your face and hair color. The attention should be on your face. Darker colors such as black, charcoal, navy and grey are appropriate. Your skirt should be knee-length and not draw attention to your legs. The skirt should fit comfortable. Never go to an interview without wearing panty hose. It makes the clothing more formal. Select a skirted suit or pant suit that draws the eye to your face. The suit should be dark blue, gray or charcoal. The panty hose should be charcoal, or skin color. Avoid bright or other colors. Shoes should be closed and neat. Avoid open tip shoes or any shoe that shows the ankle. High heels are appropriate. If you carry a briefcase, leave the handbag at home or in the car. The briefcase should not draw attention and should compliment your attire. General rule for accessories ? no loud bangles and large earrings. Avoid thick chains. If you wear a scarf, select one that doesn't draw attention to itself. Body piercing other than a single ear ring hole in each ear should be avoided. When you wear make up it should look natural ? no red lipsticks and bright eye shadows. Wear natural color nail polish. If you have long hair, and it still looks neat when not taken up, you can wear it like that. Avoid fashion statements through your hair. Only wear a light perfume. If in doubt, go without.
  • Simple answer all questions truthfully and dress in a suit, avoid looking like a slob!

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