• You asked twice, I guess you are earnest for a reply. There are several condition that could cause this, however the list is rather long and would require knowing if any other symptoms are present. Since you do have migraines (which can be considered a symptom and a preexisting condition) it is highly possible that you have other brain related issues, ones that need the attention of a doctor - most likely a neurological consultation/examine. Some of the potential conditions include optical nerve damage (Migraines do in fact damage the brain and surrounding tissues), epilepsy (which covers a wide array of brain storm activity which includes the well known "fit" form of seizure but also other little known form of seizures such as De-ja-vu, petit (mini) mal seizures, hallucinatory seizures, etc. There are certain bacterial and viral infections that could cause light flashes as part of the symptoms. And closing arteries, mini-stroke, heart issues, diabetes... the list is very long as I said. I list some of the potential issues to stress the need to see a doctor and have an examine and to undergo the question and answer part of an examine where other symptoms will be ferreted out to figure out what exactly is going on here.
  • not sure but maybe you should get your eyes checked

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