• Basically what I would do is start jogging 2 miles a day. I know someone who lost 1 pound a day for 2 months straight after doing something like this. There are several other methods but I think that jogging/running and swimmer are the most efficient. Also, if you do not wish to cut down on food, you will need to increase your exercise to counter your carbohydrate and calorie intake. Check this too:
  • Get an exercise ball and do some crunches. That works very well because you do regular crunches and you can turn your body to the side to work out your obliques.
  • You cannot lose weight from a specific area of your body with any tactic/diet/exercise at all. You burn more calories than you eat (by cutting down food, increasing exercise or both) and your body will begin using its fat stores from ALL OVER. So, you'll begin losing fat from your stomach, but also everywhere else. If you can jog, it is a good exercise to burn calories. Otherwise, anything! Weights are very, very effective too. Not only do you burn a lot of calories, you gain muscle, which burns more calories and looks good!
  • A REGULAR HEALTHY diet with plenty of variety, and REGULAR EXERCISE.
  • I think playing basketball becuase it is the most complete sport.
  • bike helps burn calories too and a balanced diet offcourse.
  • Eating less?
  • Sit ups/ Crunches:This exercise is helpful for your upper abdomen Twist your body: Initiate with the above position but this time raise yourself up slowly and then twist your body from the waist. Pike and extend: Lay down on the floor with legs extended over your hips and crunch up so that your hands reach towards your feet. Front bridge exercise: Front bridge exercise helps you strengthening your core muscles and is also good for your back. Hip lifts: Lay down on the floor with your arms by your sides, palms facing downwards and legs over your hips at 90 degrees angle. Crunch chop and crunch chop twist: Lie on floor. Your legs should be over your hips at right angle and your arms should be overhead. Side Plank: Lay down your right side while your legs are extended and your hips and feet resting on the floor on top of each other. Leg Drop: Lay down on the floor while your legs are over your hips at a right angle.
  • Since you spelled exercise with a "z," go with Jazzercise.
  • You can't really target fat in specific areas. Its an all or nothing kind of thing. You can target specific muscle groups to build them, but most of the fat causing the problem rides on top of the muscles. I think cardio is the best exercise for fat loss, but swimming actually causes you retain fat for buoyancy purposes.
  • apart from less food and booze { as booze makes tummys fat } ..maybe push ups ..i just googled this ,seems good exercise that works ya tummy muscles
  • Plenty of walking every day or a treadmill can help lose fat.

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