• There's not enough information here to answer this question. I can make some guesses. The question seems to indicate there is only one damselfish. Damselfish are schoolers and need to be added in numbers of three or more. They don't do as well alone and can become a target. All saltwater fish are semi aggressive or aggressive. The sizes of the fish may determine whether a fish is getting picked on. Fish have a pecking order. Less aggressive fish need to be introduced first and allowed to establish a territory in the aquarium BEFORE adding fish that are more aggressive. Not enough coverage i.e. decorations and hiding spots. The aquarium is too small for the number of inhabitants and they are killing off the weaker ones. Ideally you should only have 1 medium size fish per ten gallons of water in a saltwater aquarium.
  • because yellow-tailed damselfish is too cute and elegant. Maybe some of your fishes are intimated because of that particular one! :D And they have seen her in televisions as well! She's a star! haha (Dori)

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