• you've already lost her. get a new one.
  • You both are being dishonest and that will go no where - Be honest
  • Should have tossed her the first day not wait 2 months and then ask us.
  • ahh maybe i was not clear i meant she cheated on me 2 months ago and i just found out
  • Hi, I recommend having or getting a friend( who your girlfriend doesnt know)go to the place you think she is cheating at(and at the time you think she is there). Your friend should have a camera and take a picture of them together. I wouldnt confront her until you have a picture of them together.Perhaps even a picture of them kissing.This is in case she denies it. I also recommend prayer to the True Jesus for help. If you need anything else let me know. Ghostemployee7
  • If you want to keep her, then I definately wouldn't confront her with the cheating. But, I'd ask myself two questions. 1. Has she cheated since, or was the incident two months ago just a one-time thing. 2. Do you really want a girlfriend who has cheated? After all, she might do it again.
  • talk to her and ask her why she did that.. but first make sure that you can show her proof that she really cheated and not just that you are just trying to have a catch.. 2nd when she admitted then ask her what was the problem? 3rd give both of you a space and think about it tons of times, if you really wanna keep her or dump her (you know better than all of us here) 4th be sure that whatever decision you will have it won't cost you much damage.. 5th goodluck
  • Hi, You need to distinquish between a onetime quicky fling and a relationship that continues on with repeated meetings over a period of time ? There are also lots of false accusations on this planet about many things. What if she's innocent. The Bible mentions in the Old Testament about a man who is overrun with feelings that his spouse has cheated on him. Then it mentions a test for it. This test seems kind of silly to me. You need a friend . Because trying to heal the emotional pain you are talking about by yourself is like a Doctor trying to do heart surgery on himself. Also Annies mailbox would recommend seeing a counselor for this type of pain. I recommend dont just believe whatever you hear. But do like the new testament and it must be witnessed by more than one person besides yourself If you need any help let me know
  • i found out by looking at her aim past conversations its obvious that they cheated on me, she says something like she wouldn't have felt bad about it if she didn't have a bf. now while they never exactly said they had sex from reading i figured out they did. its pretty obvious. it looks like they were having an affair for a month or so, maybe not having sex that whole time but maybe one of them was thinking...idk i can't bring myself to look over it again how do i find her conversations...i looked at them with out her knowing...why because i had a feeling someting was not right. i wish i had never done that because i think its over, as far as i can tell at least, and i might have never know
  • Your "girlfriend" has lost all respect for you. Don't listen to any of these other people telling you to give her a chance. She has disgraced you at least once, maybe more. Imagine if you are foolish enough to marry her ? You will never have peace of mind. Dump her now before she really fucks you over !!
  • my personal view is that trust is paramount. you can't trust her to keep to herself and she can't trust you not to snoop on her private conversations. Don't bother with a confrontation, just tell her it's over - no need to even give a reason, tell her she knows why. No argument. No heated issues. Say thank you, I've had a great time, loved you with all my heart, and now it's time for us both to move on and find that special someone.
  • If you are certain she did cheat, you should tell her you know. Not saying anything is not good because at one point it will be blurted out in anger and then it will be even worse. It is not healthy for you to keep your hurt and disappointment bottled up inside of you. How can you trust her anymore? How do you know it won't happen again? You need to talk this out and decide where your relationship goes from here. I will say it again: If you love someone you do not disrespect them by cheating and causing pain.
  • I think you should talk to her. Make sure you are 100% sure she did it. I also think there must be a reason why she did that. it was either because she 1. felt for this guy 2. is not happy with a relationship, maybe you hurt her with something and she did that with no regret 3. she simply doesn't love you you should find out why. If it's something you two can overcome, you should try, if you love each other. I know that I wouldn't be able to forgive. But on the other hand, you don't know until you get in that situation. I truly believe that when these things happen it usually comes to the point how much you really love your s/o. I think that's the worst situation that can happen in a relationship. I wish you best luck, just don't get too frustrated... I think, and you should believe that too, it always seems worse than it really is in reality. Take care. :)
  • No-one else can tell you whether or not this relationship is worth saving. Especially people who don't know the two of you - only you know that. I do think you need to speak to her about it though. At the moment you only have bits and pieces you've put together in your head, not a full picture. If you ignore this and stay with her you'll be forever obsessing about the missing details of what she did and why she did it - that's not a great basis for a healthy relationship. Obviously she may try and lie or excuse herself, she may come clean and feel genuinly guilty, or there may really be an alternative explanation - either way you have to at least talk to her. Her manner will also give you a sense of how bad she really feels and how much she really wants your relationship to work. After that it's your call - do you feel it's worth saving? Can you forgive her? It's up to you - but just make sure you've heard her version of events first. Some relationships can be put back together after cheating, others can't. It's really up to you - sorry, but there are no more rules to relationships other than what your feelings tell you.
  • The thing is, your relationship is not peachy and you must feel so very, very hurt and upset. I know you do not want to lose her, but in reality, ask yourself what there is left to lose. She has betrayed you and in doing so has caused much damage to your relationship - this is the kind of thing that a person cannot push aside and ignore - you know you have so many questions that want an answer to - about this event, and if there were others and how about right now? How much are you not aware of? Horrible thoughts to deal with, but they need resolving be it now or later on - they won't go away in time unless you have the answers - in fact, the pain will get worse the longer you leave it. Think about how bad it feels right now. If you say nothing for 6 months or so, then you will have another half a year of feeling the same as you do now - common sense tells you that you are going to feel even lower than present, - it will be torture. Call her out, not to be 'right' but because you need to take care of yourself and take the first steps to repairing the damage done to you. Remember, even if you split up, the pain will not be greater than when you discovered she betrayed you - how could it possibly feel worse than right now - this is as bad as it can get, what you do next will hurt but it will not worse. Be brave, be nice to yourself, be kind to yourself - the sooner you start. the sooner the hurt will heal. Good luck.
  • You don't want to lose a cheater?
  • Obviously the relationship isn't all peachy. Once that trust is gone, you'll always have doubts. Time to move on.

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