• When I was an infant I had a blood disorder,anemia, and ate like that until I was alot older, just for the fact that I just wasn't hungry.. . But also I've heard young children may do that because they just aren't hungry at that time or would rather be out playing. When my daughter was young her doctor said not to force her to eat, she'll eat when shes hungry. He suggested maybe trying some jello or pedialite for the days she doesn't feel like eating. If you already haven't, you should speak to her pediatrician.
  • Probably what's wrong with her is that she's a normal 4 year old. Food is one of the most basic power or control items for kids. Swallowing something is about the hardest thing for you to make her do, and consciously or subconsciously, she knows it. Do what you can to hollow out the victory. Don't stress over it. Maybe you can't make her eat something when she doesn't want to, but you do have the control of what is available and when. Establish as regular a meal and snack schedule as you can. Supply her with appetizing and healthful food, and help her to understand that it will be a while before it's available again. If she doesn't eat within a reasonable time, put it away and steel yourself for the whining until the next meal/snack. You can experiment some to find her preferences, but don't cater to the point that she will eat only one thing. She will get hungry enough to eat what's available before she's in danger of malnutrition. If this is a recent development, maybe she is just in a natural slow growth phase, and really doesn't need a lot. Try different preparation methods. For example, you may find that she likes carrots raw rather than cooked. Many kids don't find mushy foods appealing and prefer crunchy. Help her experiment with seasonings, as you guide her toward limited salt and saturated fat. The main thing is to keep it casual and de-stressed. Do your worrying and strategizing away from her; she really can't tell you what would cause her to eat. Lastly,and the answer to this question can negate anything else I've said, how's the general atmosphere of your home? Mom and Dad (you didn't say which you are) still good friends as well as lovers? If you have issues, get them settled or at least headed in the right direction, without involving her. If she's the rope in some tug of war, of course she's going to establish a little autonomy where she can. Eat together and enjoy each other as much as possible. Advice from a father of 9.
  • My son does the same EXACT thing - it irritates the heck out of me and my husband. What we did was put out 15 skittles in front of him. When my husband and I get up, we take away 5. Then, he loses one per minute until they are all gone. It actually works great - within a week he was finishing before us.
  • My first thought was she's feeling presured and that's making her nervous -
  • You put a time limit on her her a clock and say that when the big hand gets to here, you are taking away her food and she will not get any more. AFter a few times, she will realise that YOU are in control and not her.
  • I know what it's like. I have 3 children and 2 of them have a problem with anything they eat including ice cream and cookies. They would just sit there and play and talk. It would take forever for them to eat something small like a nutrition bar for kids. I have small framed kids and the only time they would eat better is when they are going through growth spurts which is once in while. Are 2 children throw up often too. One of my children has been throwing up since birth she is now 6 years old and the other one has been throwing up since 3 months she is now 5 years old still with same problem. My third child eats really good she is 18 months old. We have been to doctors and they had them drink some special liquid and did a scan inside there stomach on my 5 and 6 year old when they were around 2 years old. They found that they both had acid reflux and one of them had an under developed stomach. The doctor gave me some medicine to give to them and now they are 5 and 6 they still need medicine they are on prevacid packets you mix the powder up with a little bit of water and have them drink it right away 30 minutes before they eat or drink. You get the medicine through the doctor. At first when they started taking it. It was not doing anything for them after a week or so every day of taking it. They did not through up as much. They use to throw up everyday on drink or food unless it was water. Now the medicine does not stop them problem completely but it helps they still throw up but it is twice a week instead of everyday. They still take a long time to eat though. We have tried many ways to get them to eat quicker than 2 to 4 hours to eat small servings. When they were only 2 and 3 years old child nutrition and eating develop specialist where helping. Through all that they still take forever to eat. They have been around other children when eating they sit there to watch them or talk or play. The doctor said to give them carnation mix to help with nutrition. I have set 30 to 45 minutes for them to eat but they only ate about two bites in that time limit. My oldest 6 takes 15 to 30 minutes to chew a bite up and it's not even meat. On ice cream they take a few bites and just play so the ice cream melts. There grandpa has sat down with a big bowl of ice cream crushed up oreo cookies in it and the girls would want to eat it then but from his bowl only! He gave them there own bowl but they did not want it. They are 5 and 6 they don't like feeding them selves too. I wanted to let you know my family here knows what it's like and you are not alone. I hope what we have been through helps you.
  • Is there any chance your daughter might have reflux. Have you spoken to a pediatrician. If she is medically cleared then I would just put the amount she usually eats and I wouldn't force her to eat more. It is very rare for a healthy child to consume less calories than her body needs. So as long as the food you give her is relatively healthy I wouldn't worry. She may be throwing up because she is full.
  • small children eat when they want to eat....her throwing up is kinda concerning, tho......take care...brian...
  • We're not doctors but, if I had to guess, your last sentence is the operative one. She "regurgitates her food so she does not have to eat anymore." For whatever reason, she doesn't want to eat. Maybe she doesn't like what she's eating, or maybe she just isn't that hungry. If you're worried about it, though, talk to her doctor. Maybe she has some kind of esophageal obstruction or eating is somehow painful for her. But at four years old you could always ASK her. :-)

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