• cat poop
  • interesting no, i use them to pick up my dogs poo at the park or to put under the canvas when i (or bf's girl) are painting. works well as a mixing spot too for colors.
  • Plastic - I use for trash bags - Brown Paper bags that only had dry food in them I use to wrap packages for sending
  • Fuse them to make heavy duty re-usable bags, clothing, shoes, whatever you can imagine! Check out craftster for inspiring examples here And check out this You Tube video by Make Magazine with a step-by-step Tutorial Or try folding them into strips and knitting or crocheting into something new and plastic-y. There are probably a bunch of people who have done this on Craftster as well.
    • BRG
      fuse them? sounds like a lot of bother to me, but then I'm lazy!! I always put 2 plastic bags together for garbage.............about as creative as I can get!! LMFAO!!!
  • Robot masks!
  • They are good for garbage and sometimes I have too many so I add them to the garbage. I was planning on making a parachute but that plan never took off so well.
  • Yes I insulate my cupboards with them, by that I mean i have at least two kitchen cabinets full of them that I am still trying to remember to reuse at the grocery store.
  • I cut the bottom of a plastic bag out and wore over my shirt... almost started a new trend... but then someone called me "White Trash" so yeah... But it would've worked!
  • My cat likes to hide in one of the brown paper kind.
  • I find that the plastic ones are real good for stuffing the palstic kind in. You can cram a whole lot of them in there. I hang one on a nail and... Well I would hang one on the nail but there is already a full one there, luckily I got another nail, well no, I used all the nails hanging up bags of bags. I'll slide this bag onto the same nail as the full ba...well there's five full bags there awready. But thanks to firebrand I will no longer have a cold cubbard.
  • there have been a lot of times when I needed to mail a package and didn't have plain brown paper, so I opened up a brown paper grocery bag and wrapped it with that.
  • They are mandatorily retired and put in old bag homes.
  • We use the plastic ones for cleaning out the litter boxes. The paper ones we use fro draining fried or wet foods. We also sue them for decortating. I've torn them and wrinkled them into balls and then opened them up and stuck them on walls, floors, and boxes. Sometimes you can get them to look like old leather.
  • I fix the plastic ones in the trash can for the trash. If they are not greesy then my boyf uses them for dvd's or games that he borrows from me.
  • I use them to put dirty diapers in then throw it outside in the dumpster. It adds a little more smell protection. I also use bread bags and the like for the same purpose. They also work good for small garbage can liners, transporting junk that I lend to friends and dirty old sneakers that need washed. I still end up having too much I can handle so I drop my extras off at my sons school as they recycle them and get money for school supplies.
  • they are good for packing when sending something in the mail, reuse them at the grocery store, lining a cat box,filling with cat box stuff, putting in your pocket for dog walks, leave some in the trunk of your car for garbage on long trips or short ones, give them to second hand stores, one on each kids bedroom door handle, put inside winter boots, parachutes for your kids toys, place articles in the bags of stuff left behind from your kids friends at the front door with a sign if not picked up it's trash, just some uses
  • I belong to a book swapping club. Since I live in New England I wrap the books in plastic bags before I pack them to keep the bad weather out.
  • Festive rainhats!
  • my husband will put them over his shoes when he is just making a quick trip in the house so he does not get the floor wet or muddy
  • I've seen people crochet them into purses. I'm still trying to figure out just how they do it. Also at Wal-marts there's boxes that you can put your plastic bags in and they will recycle them for you-not real interesting but it's good for the earth:)
  • I use my old grocery bags as bags for recycling.
  • I use the plastic ones to line waste baskets
  • put cans and other plastic to take to the recycle plant, use for cat poo, use for garbage, use for packing material to send packages through the mail, use as lunch bags for work, use to store old receipts, greeting cards, bill stubs
  • We use them to pick up our dogs pooh, put the cat litter siftings in, pack eBAY packages with, line the compost bucket with (then throw in the trash when grubby, not the compost!).
  • If you have a new carpet and dont want it to get dirty just tie them over your shoes.Some times my children use them for fun or craft activities, but keep them away from young children.
  • Just let your children play with them,but under your supervision and dont give thim to children under 5.
  • I have seen crocheted throw rugs and tote bags made out of the plastic bags. I believe you would cut them into strips and then crochet them together. The rugs last forever and the tote bags are great for the bearch (waterproof and the sand goes out the holes).
  • if you are careful deconstructing them, they are the perfect weight and texture for gift wrapping paper. and you can decorate them easily with a sharpie.
  • just for my kitchen tidy etc.... my super market has a plactic bag recycle bin ,so i save all my plastic even off bread etc etc
  • I remember as a kid making a book cover out of a brown bag. I reuse bags at Aldi. I reuse them for yarn/crochet projects, for when I have to spend the day out I pack my wallet, water and a snack or lunch. I use them to get the mail. I've seen others use them as rain hats in a pinch, I've used them to store containers in. I usually fold one up and put a hair tie around it so I can have one handy just incase I need one. They're also great to use on trips, and much more compact than a suitcase. They can be used for trash bags both in the home and in the car. They can be cut into strips and crocheted into many different things, rug, hat, beach bag, pickup truck net. I've seen them bunched up and stapled to a door jamb to insulate around a door to keep the wind out. I've used them to share plants. I've used bread bags like rubber gloves when I had to handle poisonous plants. Even kept a couple hanging on the front of the fridge because my ex used to get grease everywhere when getting a glass of tea. I've also seen a video showing you how to weave them together to make a somewhat water resistant sleeping mat for homeless people. A really big one (trash bag size) can be used as a rain poncho. You can hang three large ones in the laundry room to sort laundry, and while I usually use 2 boxes and a trash can you can use them for cleaning a room. Use one for things you need to put away, one for things you need to donate, and one for trash.
  • when house cleaning, I tie one to my belt so I don't have to run to the garbage each time to throw something away.
  • Yes, I use the plastic bags as small trash can liners.

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