• the candidate that won the electoral votes in florida. (it was decided by the electoral vote count for the whole country, it's just that florida was the last state where they weren't sure what the totals were.)
  • not anything to do with his governor Brother... ;-)
  • the supremes decided that Florida could not use different standards for counting votes in different counties under an equal protection clause because Gore only sought additional recounts in select counties. besides he had fewer votes in the end.
  • Florida State results tallied on election night gave 246 electoral votes to Bush and 255 to Gore, with New Mexico (5), Oregon (7), and Florida (25) too close to call that evening. Mathematically, Florida's 25 electoral votes became the key to an election win, and although both New Mexico and Oregon were declared in favor of Gore over the next few days, Florida's statewide vote took center stage. In the hours after the polls closed, Florida's vote tally added up in such a way that the spread between Bush and Gore's vote totals were less than one tenth of one percent. The margin, narrowly in favor of Bush, was narrow enough to trigger a mandatory recount. In addition, Gore asked for hand recounts in three counties, as provided for under Florida state law. This set into motion a series of recounts (portions by machine, and portions by hand), questions about portions of the Florida vote, and finally lawsuits. These ultimately ended on December 12th in a 5-4 United States Supreme Court decision which ended the Florida recounts and allowed Florida to certify its vote.

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