• The child support was to pay for your support when you were a child and it was due to be paid to your mother. It's NOT your money, so forget it. You're an adult now and should be self-supporting.
  • Please ask an attorney -- look in your yellow pages for a domestic attorney or family attorney and I am sure he or she would be happy to advise you as to whether or not you have a case. Your father was obligated to pay and that obligation didn't go away until you were 18 -- and the money is still owed possibly to your mother BUT the money wasn't to be spent on her but on YOU so in a way it is your money. You need to contact an attorney. I wouldn't wait any longer! More than likely there is no charge to advise you whether or not you have a claim.
  • Unlikely. Even assuming you could personally sue for back support, the statute of limitations for your claim would have begun to run upon your 18th birthday, and you would have had, at most, 4 years to bring legal action.
  • No. the purpose of child support is to support you when you were a child. your mother should have applied for these benefits years ago. No golden goose here.
  • its a possibility.. child support that is not paid by a father is a crime. the statute of limitations may have run out. check with an attorney in your state
  • If anything, it'd go to your mom...not you. Child support is supposed to be used to SUPPORT the child. It's paid to the mother (or father in some cases!) to pay for Food, water, clothing...not spent on needless things. That's the whole point of child support.
  • forget about it.

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