• Very few of us spell properly all the time and occasional misspelling and typos are to be expected. As long as the meaning is clear I don't find this to be a problem, but I tend to ignore something with so many mistakes that it is hard to understand.
  • It would be ideal, but it is arrogant to assume that everyone is capable of doing so. Some people are not the worlds best spellers and other people speak and write English as a second language. I can live with that. What annoys me more than anything is people who are CAPABLE of writing well, but who are too lazy to do so and speak in "netspeak" and "txt-talk" instead.
  • It would be nice, but then again it would also be nice if we were more understanding of each other's minor imperfections
  • I am a terrible speller, but if I can't even get close to the correct spelling I will often times, re word my answer to use words I can spell.
  • Sorry - duplicate.
  • Absolutely not. The level of someone's education is usually something resulting from the circumstances of their birth, and has little bearing on the value or intelligence of their views on anything but highly technical matters which need study. Provided you can understand what they are asking, even if you need to think a bit, you should disregard their spelling and grammar and treat them the same as anyone else. Also bear in mind that many may not be posting in their first language. Many of us might sound pretty stupid trying to post in Japanese, no ?
  • I vote for that.
  • I will apologize up front. I am not a good speller. It seems worse on things like these postings because I don't double check what I write. I hate that & I will try to do better.
  • well if they were using Internet Explorer the spell check is right there in the upper right hand corner.
  • I think so. Spelling affects almost every aspect of our daily communication - from how we understand something to how we communicate.
  • Who is to say which spelling is the correct one when it comes to British/American spelling? Or the French version of the same English word? And I don't know of anywhere in the Terms of Use where correct spelling is required. I don't see where anyone came here to have their spelling corrected. Its not like we signed up for an English class. That said, being a teacher sometimes its hard to resist the urge to correct others. And having had therapy I also realize this is a controlling behavior and no one is in charge of other people's spelling unless you are in a position to be responsible for it.
  • English is a subject for anyone to learn which means the person should learn how to spell correctly. I think that anyone who signs up to a question and answers website should learn how to spell properly so as they can be properly understood by others. I do notice poor spelling and grammar on Answerbag but I’m sure such people can improve their sense of spelling and grammar by either going to school and pay attention in English class or sign up for a course in learning English. I understand people have different intelligences and I don’t expect people to match my intelligence as that would be controlling. When asking questions and answering them requires spelling words. I understand there can be typos or low concentration in people which is fine because everyone has those days.
  • I don't think so. The site would not be as diverse if it were limited to only those contributors that got good grades in spelling and grammar. Some of those contributors whose spelling and grammar are weak points can have the best ideas and conversely, some contributors that have excellent spelling and grammar may be idiots.
  • If I understand the meaning I can excuse spelling. As Linda Joy said UK & US spellings often differ, I use one, she would use the other, we are both correct. I have dealt with many students with dyslexia, their ability to spell correctly was not a reflection of their level of intelligence. There are Answerbag users who do not have English as their first language as well. If we can understand the posting we can react to it without criticising the spelling or grammar.

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