• Hi sorry about your dog, i had a dog that liked to eat tennis balls and plastic balls, she ended up not eating, voimiting,just laid around, not herself, the vent xrayed her and she had pieces in her bowel, major surgery, it was very expensive, the pieces were too large for her to pass, she almost died, we took all that type of toy away but she went to the neighbours and stole one of the other dogs toys, same thing happend and it was in her stomach this time..another operation..if we were not able at the time to afford the operation we would have had to put her down, but at that time we could, i wish i could tell you something positive, not being able to afford something like that is so hard, would the vet let you pay in installments..some do..good luck to you...i feel your try to find a decision..
  • take him to the vet anyways, they might treat him for free

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