• Wellt hey dont teach law at a young age so i say that. Stops americans looking stupid for suing companies because they 'didnt know peanuts contained nuts' or they 'didnt think hot chocolate would be hot and got burnt'. Please.. someone agree with me here!
  • Perhaps foreign culture so that American children are taught to be more understanding of other nationalities and such. I feel that quite a few Americans don't really have much knowledge of what life is like outside their own country and it astounds me that so many feel no need to travel abroad to discover other nations. I think a better understanding of foreign culture would strengthen business ties, help prevent war and ultimately be very beneficial to the US and the rest of the world.
  • Oh my where do you begin? Human Decency, Respect, Consideration. I think this should be extended to all country's too.
  • Manifest Destiny of the U.S and allies
  • How to choose a good President and then they might influence the UK in how to choose an equally good Prime Minister and not the other half of Laurel and Hardy impersonators. Sorry I am a Laurel nd Hardy fan but I can't think of a pair of clown that sum up our joint leaders.
  • Compassion
  • foreign history
  • That the Arabs and the Chinese have America by the balls
  • We used to have a subject called Social Studies when I did school in India in the 70/80's- It is a good way to understand both Geography, History, and culture of any particular place in the world, and the US has to address the ignorance of the average American Joe. Oh the US has much to do. It's alight, as the saying goes, the Higher you are the farther you fall, and after a low there is bound to be a High for you guys. ... Good Luck, and Enjoy the Journey.
  • seed germination.
  • cooking classes should be mandatory from a young age. Learn how to cook good, nutritious meals and reduce the number of obese adults in america and stop them spreading their food throughout the world as well. We really dont need spray on cheese.
  • um.. The US sticking to the US Constitution and non-intervention of foreign affairs by sticking to a humble foreign policy.
  • A required course in family values. No one, no matter how intelligent or gifted gets very far without them and it is sorely lacking in this part of the world.
  • "What it is like to live in a country other than U.S.", complete with month long trips to other countries. Unfortunately, that's not likely to happen. But it might stop many Americans from being stuck up.
  • They should teach a class on life and marriage not the fake stuff kids already are grown up on but what the consequences of a STD and a early pregnancy and the responsiblility of a family and what it COST
  • wicca , witchcraft & the natural remedies , crystal healing , meditation, self healing , and respect of nature that goes with it . and also the truth about the craft and how it has nothing to do with the devil at all. and why people were programed to think so. if they want religion in schools , lets get it all in there , and tell the truth this time ;-)
  • The Rest of the World. With honourable exceptions, America is startlingly ignorant about the rest of the world. After being at war with Iraq for three years, 60% of Americans could not point to Iraq on a map of the world. I would not have been surprised if the got the wrong country in the right area (e.g. Iran, Syria) - but the favourite choice was apparently Austria. Equally, most Americans do not realise how rich they are compared to the rest of the world, nor how many there are of the very poor. Again, they have very little idea of what Muslim beliefs really are, and the side spectrum of beliefs in Islam: very few Muslims are Taliban-style fanatics. Generally, more knowledge of the rest of the world, so that America's power was used more wisely.
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