• I'm not a physician, but I am a dad of nine, seven of which were breastfed. We dealt with a good bit of colic--just don't blame it on the breast milk, we had the same thing with formula; probably a genetic predisposition. One day, I wondered if it might just be heartburn (which I experienced plenty of as well), so I crushed 1/4-1/2 a regular Tums and just kind of spooned it into the baby's mouth. It worked, and I used that treatment pretty regularly with a good success rate. It's calcium, can't hurt. There may be a liquid calcium antacid these days. We also had good results with simethicone (Gas-X, etc.) which breaks up bubbles.
  • Sometimes, the mother's diet can affect the breast milk by carrying substances that don't bother the mother but irritate the infant. I found a few when I was nursing my 3 babies. They were especially bothered if I ate things like cabbage. Try eliminating some obvious irritants and I hope this helps.
  • Ugh..never give a baby medicine that isn't discussed with your doctor first!! Try gently massaging your baby..lie down or sit comfortably and place baby on your stomach. Gently massage baby starting on lower back, moving up their body with one gentle but firm movement.. and always take advice from pediatrician before anything else.
  • Good for you for breastfeeding! Massaging the tummy in clockwise circles and bicycling the legs can both help with exsisting gas, as mentioned before what you eat may effct your baby (anything that will cause you gas will cause you baby gas as well, but it goes beyond that). I would reccomend a book called the Calm baby cook book It is a great resource for a mother on intestinal discomfort in the breastfed baby. It might also help to log your foods and your babys fussy times. Best of luck!
  • You can massage babies belly starting with the lower right working your way up and a little over the belly button and then go down towards the left lower belly. You are following the colon, and using very gentle pressure. Also you can move her legs like she is riding a bike or lightly press her knees up to her chest to relieve any built up gas. At health food stores they sell homeopathic meds for infants that are all natural, but always check with your childs doctor 1st. I hope this helps, oh and to help quiet a crying baby turn on the vacuum

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